10 Greatest Cooking Games Of All Time

10 Greatest Cooking Games Of All Time

One of the best aspects of video games is the fact that they have the unique ability to bring the most mundane tasks to life; making them fun, relaxing, or even competitive. Cooking games may sound like a strange genre at first, but don’t be fooled by the banal routine of meal prep as some of these games are highly addictive!

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Whether it be via engaging mini-games or truly highlighting the beauty and intricacy of the culinary arts, these cooking games have something for just about any type of person. For those that are itching to get creative in the kitchen, here are the best cooking games of all time.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories


From a quaint little coffee shop to a hugely successful cafe, My Cafe: Recipes & Stories allows players to experience how to feels to be a business tycoon. Building a business from the ground up, the player learns delicious new recipes, gets new equipment, furnishes their cafe, and even earns the opportunity to expand shop as well. My Cafe isn’t just about crafting fancy drinks and delectable pastries, it’s also about getting to know the customers, hearing out their problems, and helping them sort them out. This mobile game is a perfect marriage between the challenge of feeding crowds of hungry customers and creating meaningful connections with the locals.

Cook, Serve, Delicious (Series)


One of the most intense cooking games out there, Cook, Serve, Delicious‘s most recent installment is set in the future and uses a post-apocalyptic backdrop to create a fresh new experience. In a dark future where the world is at war, people still need to eat! The player takes the role of a food truck owner in the ruins of the world, determined to keep delicious food coming despite society being in shambles. Not only does the player need to learn how to complete orders, learn good time management, protect the food truck from rival food trucks’ fire, and manage menus, but they also are to compete in a rigorous food truck tournament as well. Who knew such a fun and simple cooking game could be filled with such heavy lore?

Bakery Simulator


While baking isn’t technically cooking, Baking Simulator definitely earns a spot among other cooking games and fits in just fine. Baking Simulator is for the aspiring baker that has always wanted to experience the early mornings and fulfilling job of owning a busy bakery, making the finest bread, and making sure each order is delivered on time. On top of managing orders and recipes, the game even features a driving mini-game to keep true to the experience and responsibilities of owning a bakery on one’s own. While Baking Simulator is still to be released later this year, a free demo is out for players to try on Steam in the meantime and looks incredibly promising!

Stand O’Food (Series)


Stand O’Food is a great option for those who want a fun mobile cooking experience that’s all about keeping organized and beating the clock. Not only are there fun recipes to learn for savory dishes like burgers and lasagna but there are also dessert levels with tasty Belgian waffles and much more. For those itching for a fun cooking game on the go, Stand O’Food is a great option. Levels aren’t too long or overly complex, making it an ideal game to whip out on a break or during the day when waiting for a few hours to pass.

Mario Party (Series)


Mario Party is not typically considered to be a cooking game, however, the title features many different genres of mini-games. Among the many mini-games featured in the series, surprisingly, there are quite a few food-related ones that all involve Mario and friends cooking up something delicious in a frenzy!

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While these cooking mini-games aren’t as relaxing as the other games in the category, they make for a great time when the company is in the mood for some friendly competition.

Job Simulator


This VR title is one of the more immersive cooking games out there, yet it still keeps things bright, animated, and fun, despite it being a simple simulator for more mundane jobs. While Job Simulator features a wide array of different professions, it also includes ones that heavily rely on cooking and food prep; namely the Gourmet Chef job. While some players may try their best to be good noodles and abide by the rules as they dutifully prep the food customers ask of them, others may use the opportunity to goof around instead. Ultimately, it’s all in good fun to set food on fire, throw eggs at customers, and smash wine bottles in-game. That said, it’s best not to do any of these things in the kitchen in real life!

Coffee Talk


Perhaps a barista isn’t the number one job that comes up when considering the culinary arts, but make no mistake, the world of beautiful latte art decedent handcrafted drinks is more than welcome to sit among the genre of cooking games. Most of the genre’s offerings revolve around learning fresh and exciting recipes and crafting them for each new customer, and Coffee Talk is just that.

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In between engaging conversations with customers are small breaks for the barista (the player) to carefully craft each order. While only limited to cafe-style items, Coffee Talk is yet another game within this genre that focuses on getting to know each unique customer that visits the shop.

Cooking Simulator


One of the most immersive and detailed games in the cooking genre is Cooking Simulator. Not only is this all about cooking, but it is also a full look into the culinary life of a distinguished head chef of a well-equipped restaurant. With the entire kitchen to work with, the player takes the role of a chef at a new restaurant, with not a single assistant or sous chef in sight. The player is then responsible for taking each order down to every small detail; from the plating to measuring each and every gram of herb, the player is in charge of it all. Among all the challenges, growing fame level may be the toughest one as guests can complain about a multitude of things from over/undercooking to over/under-seasoning a dish.

Overcooked 1 & 2


While many cooking games can be fun and relaxing, Overcooked finds the enjoyment of stressing out with friends over a simple onion soup order. Overcooked may not be an incredibly detailed cooking game but it easily encompasses the very real frenzy of working in the crowded kitchen of a very busy restaurant. Overcooked is a multiplayer game that truly tests the limits of teamwork between friends. It forces players to learn how to cooperate with one another to get each dish out before customers get too impatient. Hopefully, a botched bean burrito order isn’t all it takes to tear a meaningful friendship apart.

Cooking Mama (Series)


One of the most iconic cooking games of all time, Cooking Mama, has made the rounds and is also rather well-known among non-gamers. Cooking Mama is an inclusive cooking game as it’s incredibly beginner-friendly and doesn’t require immense amounts of experience to enjoy. Each step of the food prep is a mini-game that tests the player’s skills while they experience beautiful dishes from all over the world. These fun recipes are simple and can be completed by just about anyone with the help of Mama herself.

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