49 Work From Home Gifts That Make Staying Inside Worthwhile

49 Work From Home Gifts That Make Staying Inside Worthwhile

Who would’ve thought that we would all be searching for the best work from home gifts still to this day? Due to the negligence of our government, what we thought would be two weeks of stay-at-home-orders back in March has dragged on into almost a year. During each month that has passed either incredibly fast or painstakingly slow, we have somehow managed to find (to some extent) solace in the little things (even if quarantine fatigue keeps looming).

From anxiety-relieving crafting and copious banana bread baking (remember that?) to investing in a ring light and learning all the dances to our fave TikTok songs, by now, we’ve noticed that working from home is more than just revamping our workspace. Yes, we need to make sure we have the obvious essentials (like a standing desk converter, a printer, and a laptop) but it’s been a handful of less obvious items that have helped us pull through.

Who knew we needed roller skates to burn out the stress after a long workday? Where have mushroom-shaped desk lamps been all of our lives? Crocs are now extremely cool. Plus, self-care has gone beyond the tried-and-true face masks. That’s why we’ve curated this gift guide; to collate the best gifts from not only the shops, designers, and brands we loved this year but that you, our dear Teen Vogue reader, loved as well.

From items you forgot you had enjoyed way back when (aka. seven months ago) and you know your friends and loved ones will still enjoy to items you didn’t know you needed, there is plenty work from home gifts for everyone on your list (and at every price point!) since staying indoors will still be our reality come 2021, and we all need friendly reminders to look at the brighter side of things.

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Technology has been one of 2020’s MVPs. Not only has it allowed us to stay connected with everyone while we felt most apart but it has also found new ways of entertaining us. Whether you want to convert into e-reading with an Amazon Kindle, discover new ways of creating #content (our mirror selfie game is top tier now), or simply blast your Spotify 2020 Wrapped playlist, these tech essentials would look great under your tree (or as a surprise shipment on somebody’s front door). 

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