6 Amazon Basics that will save you big bucks

6 Amazon Basics that will save you big bucks

We’ve all turned to generic products to get a good deal, but the quality – meh, it can be hit or miss. Bet you didn’t know Amazon-branded products are highly rated and can save you a bundle! Here are our picks for Amazon Basics products that are even better than those pricey brand-name favorites.


Amazon Basics Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Amazon Basics Espresso Machine and Milk Frother

Amazon Basics 48-Pack AA Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics 8-Sheet, Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Amazon Basics Patio String Light

Amazon Basics Collapsible Storage Cubes

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ANNE DE SOUZA: We’ve all turned to generic products to get a good deal, but the quality, it could be hit or miss. These picks from Amazon Basics will save you a bundle, and their high customer ratings mean you won’t even miss those old brand name favorites.


ANNE DE SOUZA: Even if you’re an amateur in the kitchen, you’ve probably coveted the $300 Le Creuset Dutch Oven. It’s one of the most recognizable kitchen pots around. But now, Amazon Basics has an incredible dupe for just $46, with almost 20,000 positive reviews. You’ll never guess what’s one of the highest rated Amazon Basics products. This paper shredder.

I love that it can chop up to eight sheets at a time, and destroy credit cards, staples, paper clips. Just amazing. Usually, generic batteries drain quickly and still cost almost $1 a pop. But according to over 300,000 happy customers, these Amazon Basic batteries last longer, and a 48-pack sells for just $14.99. That’s $0.31 a battery.

These fabric bins from Amazon Basics are super durable, and just $3 each. A similar set at a big box store runs triple the price, so this is an absolute no-brainer. I even keep one in my car. I don’t mess around when it comes to coffee, but even baristas are loving this two-in-one Amazon Basics espresso machine and milk frother. With the built-in frother, you can make espresso drinks, like cappuccinos and lattes, and it even quotes a cute little ceramic cup.

The key to making your outdoor space a magazine worthy oasis is a few strings of Edison globe lights. These Amazon Basic lights have over 30,000 positive reviews. Which Amazon Basics products do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.


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