A Guide to Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A Guide to Williamsburg, Brooklyn

In many ways Williamsburg Brooklyn is the avocado toast of New York City (it may also be responsible for avocado toast in New York City). It’s trendy, it’s young, and yet it still prompts the thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” whenever you get a taste. In this Brooklyn neighborhood, you’ll find vintage and artisan shops, an intimate indie music scene, and of course, very good brunch. Hip, but a slower-paced than many parts of Manhattan, it produces a mood change as you emerge from the L train to wide open sky, unobstructed by towers. The bustle of the city melts away, but the freshness and creativity stays. And you return again and again because sometimes in life, you just want avocado toast. This is our guide to Williamsburg Brooklyn.

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