A year in review: Businesses in Marshall continue to grow despite all odds | Business

A year in review: Businesses in Marshall continue to grow despite all odds | Business

2020 has been a whirlwind for businesses all over the country, with those of us residing in Marshall certainly not exempt.

Business owners faced unique challenges, including adapting to a global pandemic and dealing with full and partial closures, all while trying make a living in the new normal we all faced.

However, even with all of these unique and unexpected challenges, business in Marshall continued to grow in 2020. Marshall saw a wide range of new businesses popping up in the area throughout the year, making it one of the more profitable years for new businesses locally.

Unique businesses like God’s Money gold and silver and a new radio station 92.3 The Depot opened their doors this year.

God’s Money hosted a ribbon cutting in October, and now offers a convenient location in town for community members to buy and sell gold and silver, including coins and jewelry.

Additionally, 92.3 The Depot, now offers a new form of entertainment and news localized to the Marshall community. Director of Commotion and Product Development Chip “the fat man” Arledge also interviews members of the community to offer local insight and plays classic Texas music for community members who tune in.

Harbor Freight, and Effort Products also opened their doors for the first time this year, offering community members new locations to get all of the supplies they need for their businesses or home projects.

Marshall also saw the opening of a new gym, Raw Iron Gym, who opened their doors early this year for the new location on South Washington Avenue.

The city also saw a number of new food establishments pop up within the city limits this year.

These include Wing Stop and a new Starbucks that is still in the process of being built.

Additionally, a locally owned coffee shop Stage Coach Coffee Co. opened its doors on Grand Avenue this year, in the old Dinner Belle building.

Two owners Jackie Starr and Sherry Jones now offer Marshall’s only open drive thru coffee shop, which also offers options for breakfast and lunch, as well as a variety of baked good for community members to enjoy.

Two new Mexican restaurants El Taco and Taqueria Torres also opened their doors this year, offering a unique dining experience to Marshall community members.

Along with all of these new businesses opening their doors, and a number of local businesses changing locations throughout the year, Marshall did see the loss of a few local businesses during 2020.

The Stage store in Marshall Place permanently closed its doors earlier this year, along with Neely’s Brown Pig, the historical lunch spot in Marshall that has been open for over 90 years.

Though community members will no longer be able to enjoy either of these locations within the Marshall city limits, 2020 has left the city looking better than when it began.

Even with all of the turmoil businesses have faced in this year, Marshall businesses continue to grow and change thanks to the support of the community they operate in.

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