A&W’s Seremban outlet gets retro makeover, brews up Jamaica Blue tie-up

A&W’s Seremban outlet gets retro makeover, brews up Jamaica Blue tie-up

A&W recently refurnished its Seremban Drive-Thru outlet with a retro-themed concept featuring a modern taken on chic retro design. The move pays homage to A&W’s presence in Malaysia, having been an iconic landmark in Seremban since 1978.

The restaurant, which overlooks the Seremban Lake Garden, was designed to appeal to a new generation of discerning consumers while staying true to the brand’s rich heritage and legacy in Malaysia. A&W was the first fast-food restaurant to be established in the country in 1963.

As part of the refurbishment and to keep up with the trending coffee culture, the outlet now includes coffee brand Jamaica Blue owned by Inter Mark Resources, which also owns A&W. This makes the Seremban Drive-Thru outlet the first in Malaysia to have both an A&W restaurant and a Jamaica Blue. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and rich tones of the Jamaica Blue Mountains, Jamaica Blue will serve patrons of A&W Seremban Drive-Thru with its own specialised selection of coffee beverages, created by a dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable baristas.

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Sophia Ch’ng, director of A&W Malaysia, explained that the modern-retro concept is a product of its mission to rejuvenate the brand to make it more relevant and appealing to consumers today, especially the younger generation. According to Ch’ng, the new concept is not limited to aesthetics along but also incorporates a total revitalisation of its offering to consumers.

“Together with the incorporation of Jamaica Blue, A&W Seremban Drive-Thru will bring something totally new, unique and refreshing to residents here. Ultimately, our aim is to create the perfect setting and atmosphere for the community here to truly enjoy and call their own, building on an already iconic landmark in Seremban,” said Ch’ng. The brand aims to have over 150 outlets across Malaysia by the end of 2025.

While Ch’ng declined to comment on the monetary value of the makeover and its partnership with Jamaica Blue, she told A+M that A&W and Jamaica Blue will continue to stand alone on their marketing strategies. “A&W has its unique customers, and with the inclusion of Jamaica Blue, we hope that customers, especially the people of Seremban, can enjoy a cup of coffee and relax after their meal at the A&W outlet,” she added.

A&W Seremban is expected to contribute RM200 million in 2022 sales by the end of the year, targeting family, youth, and the residents of Seremban. 

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Currently, A&W is working with GO Communications to rejuvenate its brand to a modern generation of consumers. The agency was appointed in 2019 to also publicise its expansion plans in the country.

Back then, CEO of A&W Malaysia, George Ang, said it intends to grow its number of restaurants to 100 by the end of 2020. GO Communications was chosen because of its strong track record of sound industry knowledge, coupled with an out-of-the-box approach to communications and storytelling.

In line with its ambitions to rejuvenate the brand, A&W invested RM1 million into a retro-themed outlet in 2020. Featuring a modern take on chic retro design, complete with booths, bar seats and a juke box, A&W Malaysia aimed for this Instagram-worthy store to offer diners a nostalgic ambience.

Ang told A+M previously that its aim is to make the store more Instagram-worthy to encourage younger consumers to share their experience on their respective social media accounts. At the same time, it is also relying heavily on digital and social media to amplify awareness and effectively communicate its messaging to target consumers, especially the younger generation, within and in the surrounding areas.

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