Buzz Bites: Advantages for doughnut lovers, and a taste of history | The Buzz

Buzz Bites: Advantages for doughnut lovers, and a taste of history | The Buzz

This week’s Buzz Bites starts with two deals for Dunkin’ Donuts’ DD Perks members that are good for the rest of May — and a taste of the past, courtesy of Monticello.

Since the pandemic has taken over people’s work schedules, coffee and doughnuts have become even more important fuel for the business of business. DD Perks members can start the week with a medium iced coffee for $2 each Monday. That way, you can start your work week properly energized, whether you’re working in your office, your kitchen at home or out on your back porch.

Free Donut Fridays also will be extended so you can pick up a free doughnut with the purchase of a beverage on Friday.

If you enjoy cooking from scratch, chances are good that you’ve been trying all kinds of recipes during stay-at-home time that you normally don’t have time to make. Even quick glances at social media over the past few months have yielded enough crusty loaves of sourdough bread, steaming slices of banana bread, bowls of newfangled pancake cereal and other treats to send your pre-pandemic keto diet resolve clear off the rails.

If you’re a history buff, two opportunities to fall off your carb wagon in style are available on Monticello’s website at Whether you’re looking for a quick history or science lesson for children learning at home, or you just want to indulge in a little colonial carbohydrate history, homemade muffins and ice cream await.

Back in President Thomas Jefferson’s day, recipes — or “receipts,” as they were called then — looked quite different from the ones we use today. Measurements were different, heat sources weren’t always as consistent and tools have changed enough to make some instructions seem mystifying at first. Not to mention the fact that many essential instructions weren’t included because receipt writers assumed cooks were proficient enough to get to certain points on their own without written reminders.

History fans who’ve been wondering what Jefferson and his family might have eaten at home can find two family recipes at that have been updated a bit to take today’s equipment and resources into account.

A recipe for Monticello Muffins can walk you through the process of making Jefferson and Randolph family favorites that “look like biscuits on the outside and English muffins on the inside.” Monticello staff members Susan McCrary and Katherine G. Revell have updated the family’s go-to recipe for modern cooks. If you tend to think of blueberry, chocolate or bran in a sweet cupcake-like presentation when you hear the word “muffin,” these treats are something else entirely.

The website also includes Jefferson’s recipe for homemade “ice-creams,” in his own handwriting, and a more modern version from Marie Kimball’s “Thomas Jefferson’s Cook Book.”

The original recipe, which is in the Jefferson Papers a the Library of Congress, calls for using a “sabottiere,” a canister that had to be turned during the process. Ice harvested from the Rivanna River during the winter and stored in Monticello’s ice house made it possible to enjoy the frozen treat in the heat of summer.

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