Chef, Diana Chan shares her top 10 pantry staples.

Chef, Diana Chan shares her top 10 pantry staples.

This is when I realised the importance of having core essentials in the pantry, just like mum. 

Pantry staples are the secret to transforming your fresh produce into something amazing, and can also be a complete saviour if you need to make something tasty in a hurry. 

Here’s a list of the pantry staples that I can’t live without.

1. Salt.

Salt is my number one flavour enhancer. I never run out of salt and if I run low I start to get anxious. Joking, but it’s true – I season practically every dish with salt. 

2. Olive oil.

I have different kinds of olive oils for different uses. 

I cook with olive oil daily and use it a lot in my salad dressings. 

We go through about 1ltr every 10-14 days if I’m cooking every meal at home. There are also many health benefits to cooking with olive oil and I’m a massive advocate for it.

3. Butter.

I always have butter. I use it in baking, making sauces like a beurre noisette or beurre blanc, gravies or just simply lathered all over my sourdough. There is very little that comes close to being better than bread and butter. 

4. Eggs.

I love having eggs in the morning and whilst I don’t have them every day, I think every household ought to have a tray of eggs ready in their pantry.

They’re such a versatile pantry staple; you can whip up a meal in no time at any time of the day, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a snack. 

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