Cleaning tips for your home to protect your family’s health

Cleaning tips for your home to protect your family’s health

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. We’re all being reminded to wash our hands, and cover our coughs and sneezes with our sleeve. But health officials also recommend lots of cleaning, so the coronavirus can’t live on surfaces.

Anna Stark of The Reveal Company specializes in residential cleaning and knows the spots most people miss.

In the bathroom, she says use a disinfectant cleaner on your sink, counter and faucet handle, but also your soap dispensers, your mirror, and remember to change out your hand towel. Wipe down cabinet and drawer handles, and don’t just clean inside the toilet. “But everything, inside, outside, around,” says Stark. “Things like the wall that is near the toilet that people touch a lot.”

On the way out, clean around light switches and door frames, and don’t forget door handles all over the house. In the kitchen, the sink and counter are just a start. Wipe down all your appliances, especially handles and buttons, like the dishwasher, coffee maker, stove, microwave and refrigerator.

“Everybody in the family is in that refrigerator all day long, getting stuff and putting stuff back and touching,” Stark says, so clean drawer handles and shelves inside too.

We touch a lot of things, but Stark says don’t let cleaning become overwhelming. “Make coffee, wipe down the coffee maker. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just integrating it into our daily lives; it’s just better for everybody and ourselves. It keeps us healthier all year long,” says Stark.

The CDC recommends you use an EPA registered cleaner, but Stark likes to go the more natural route and makes her own cleaner that includes vinegar and lemon oil. You can find recipes online.

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