Convention intervention | The Herald-News

Convention intervention | The Herald-News

To the Editor:

Chuck Johnson writes: “A DNC convention would be full of a rainbow of colors, genders and ethnic delegates. It would be very dangerous for them since their age, health and race make them prime targets for the virus. The RNC conventioneers would have less chance of contracting the virus because they are mostly old, rich, healthy, white people.”

As a person of one of those colors and genders and races … I am deeply offended by your ageist and racist statements. You are saying that the wealthy, healthy, white, but old Republicans will survive but the sickly, colorful, but old Democrats will not.

Wow. These words left me in a state of agitation, trepidation, but mainly discombobulation. I am agitated, aggravated, humiliated and insulted. Who told you to put on that balm? Quick … get some hot coffee and wake up.

Joe Gallas

New Lenox

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