Dillsboro Chocolate Factory opens new espresso bar | Business

Dillsboro Chocolate Factory opens new espresso bar | Business

For chocolatier Bob Williams, who opened the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory in Waynesville just two years ago, selling chocolate was just not enough.

Guests who walk through the doors of the factory will now be greeted with the stimulating aroma of coffee beans — the perfect complement to handcrafted chocolate.

As of Thursday, Oct. 16, the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory’s brand new espresso bar is open to the public, and is located right next door to the chocolate shop.

“It was always our intention to have a coffee bar — we have been doing coffee since 2000, and we serve coffee at our location in Dillsboro,” Willams said. “It’s a sensory experience — when you walk in and it smells nice, that person gets excited.”

The espresso bar will not only offer hot and cold coffee and tea beverages, it will also be selling 15 types of whole coffee beans that are made at Bean Werks coffee shop located in Asheville.

Jeffery Bosch, the owner of Bean Werks, is also lending a hand at the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory Espresso Bar to help train the staff on how to serve the best cup of coffee possible.

“We’re investing our staff to make sure our guests are enjoying everything — whether it’s a latte or a simple cup of coffee,” Williams said.

For anyone new walking into the espresso bar at 170 N. Main St. in Waynesville, they will instantly notice the bright colors and vintage feel of the space, which also offers indoor seating.

Guests can visit the self-serve coffee bean bar to purchase whole beans, or order a beverage and watch the baristas make it right in front of you. The bar also serves dairy alternatives for their coffees, including oat, almond and hemp milk.

Williams said he looked forward to staying open later on the weekends, eventually closing at 9 p.m., and has goals of bringing sipping chocolate to the bar.

Hot cocoa will be offered this winter, but the idea of serving liquid truffles has long been on Williams’ mind.

“It gives the consumer the opportunity to have a variety,” Williams said, noting that guests dining on Main Street for dinner could stop by the bar and sip some chocolate for dessert.

All the chocolate sold at Dillsboro Chocolate Factory is handcrafted — made in the kitchen in Dillsboro in small batches. Their chocolate shop in Dillsboro has been open and operating since e 2006.

“We just want to give our customers the highest quality available at the most reasonable price we can do it,” Williams said.

It’s an amazing feat for the coffee bar to open, Williams added, noting that he had to close the chocolate shop for 14 weeks during the pandemic.

Fortunately, Williams’ worked with him so he could renovate the space next door, which included everything from painting the walls, to installing new flooring and create a welcoming atmosphere.

To remain COVID-19 compliant, the espresso bar can only hold eight occupants at a time. Guests who come in are asked to grab a paint stick and once the paint sticks are all taken, guests must wait outside. In addition all seating will be sanitized after use.

Coffee fans are welcome to stop by from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday; 12:30 to 5 p.m., Sunday.

Be sure to like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dillsborochocolatewaynesville to stay up to date on the latest chocolate and coffee offerings.

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