Expert Barista Tips for Better Coffee

Expert Barista Tips for Better Coffee

With the outbreak of Covid-19, cafes and other food beverages shops are forced to close down their doors worldwide. You need to know about the important barista tips to meet your caffeine needs at home. It can help you to improve your coffee game and skills at home.

Keep reading for some expert barista tips to provide a better coffee experience at home.

Filtered water

Starting with the basics, keep in mind that water constitutes almost 99% part of your coffee. For that purpose, the quality of water used in your coffee matters the most. The reason for using filtered water is that it reduces minerals and chlorine in the water to make tasty coffee. However, avoid using distilled water because it actually results in over-extraction that can make your coffee taste bitter.

Brewing method matters

Brewing method plays a vital role and it has an impact on the strength of your coffee. Keep in mind that all the methods are not equal, and the devices that you use to make your coffee at home yield different quality of the coffee. Based on your taste preferences, make sure to choose the brewing method. For instance, you can opt for French Press if you want a bold and dark flavor taste of your coffee. On the other hand, automatic coffeemakers provide a mild pot of coffee.

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Clean your coffeemaker often

Cleaning your coffeemaker before brewing coffee can result in mouth-watering taste. Coffee beans have oil that remains left on the coffee pot. If you don’t wash it thoroughly, the oil is going to affect the flavor the next day when you will brew more coffee. It will taste like burnt coffee because of the oil left in the coffee pot. For that purpose, it is necessary to clean your coffeemaker often.

Get a spicy taste

Without adding a sweetener, you can add flavor to your cup of coffee with different spices. Add spices like nutmeg, cardamom, or cinnamon to the coffee beans and enjoy finger-licking coffee. For a unique flavor, you can even add vanilla beans, lemon zest or orange zest.

Touch of salt can reduce bitterness

If your coffee tastes too bitter for your liking, make sure to add some salt on it. Even though it sounds odd, but adding a bit of salt into your coffee can reduce the bitterness in no time.

Add butter or coconut oil

Have you heard about bulletproof coffee?

It’s really a craze for coffee lovers as they are adding various ingredients to their morning cup of coffee. Butter and coconut oil are the most used unconventional ingredients for bulletproof coffee. It provides essential nutrients to your body when you blend your coffee with coconut oil or grass-fed butter. These essential nutrients result in more energy and keep your metabolism rate high. For that purpose, let’s give a try to this fabulous tip that can provide you a delicious cup of coffee and health-related benefits at the same time. Keep in mind that butter doesn’t make anything worse and it’s essential to keep your metabolism into high gear.

A milk frother is necessary for your daily cappuccino or latte. With the help of French Press, you can make foamed milk easily. Make sure to use cold milk rather than warm milk because it froths better and ideal milk with more fat content. Such milk with higher fat content can create more dense foam, whereas less fat milk creates airy foam. For that purpose, cold milk is preferable over warm milk to make your coffee taste sweet. Fill your French Press with cold milk up to the third portion and insert the plunger. You can make enough foam by pumping, and make sure to microwave the milk foam for about 30 seconds in case of hot drinks.

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