For the love of coffee | Local News

For the love of coffee | Local News

PLATTSBURGH- Krissie and Dwane Bast were brought together by coffee.

They met while working in a cafe in a hotel in Reno, Nevada, where Krissie ran the espresso machine.

The couple started their adventure of owning a business together in March of 2007 when they sold coffee out of their converted North Country garage.

In 2013, the Basts opened their Route 3 location of their shop, familiar to those as Adirondack Coffee Roasters. The shop was under different management for several years, but is now back in the hands of the coffee couple.

The cozy, Adirondack-themed shop sits nestled in the Mac’s Safe and Lock and Mad Pup Tattooing plaza, and even has a drive-thru style window meant for customers on foot. The front room is a cafe furnished with chairs and tiny tables, where you’ll see customers enjoying their freshly-roasted coffee while reading a book or newspaper.

The shop contains a backroom where green coffee beans from Royal New York are roasted. Green beans, no pun intended, are the essence of a cup of coffee. They are the bean before it’s roasted.

According to Krissie, they look like tiny pebbles and smell like fresh-cut grass. They’re roasted in-house with an Ozturk coffee roaster to make any roast you could imagine, light through dark.

“What makes our shop unique is that we will make custom roasts for our customers,” Krissie said. “We have a customer that likes salted caramel coffee, so we’ll go outside of the box. Most people don’t do that.”

Popular roasts, that are available for customer purchase in-store, are ADK Morning, Maple Nut Crunch, Salted Caramel, and Coconut, which has real coconut bits in the beans.

ADK Coffee Roasters also sells their own brand of Keurig cups called ADK Cups, which are supplied by Valley Vending.

Wooden keychains are given free to customers and are an ADK take on coffee punch cards. If a customer buys nine pounds of coffee they receive one pound free. The keychain is marked to keep track.

Individual cups of coffee for one’s morning commute, reading session or spring cleaning motivation also comes in enticing flavors like blueberry, banana bread, cinnamon and classic french vanilla, among others.

Customers can add their own creamer to their liking, and simple and granulated sugars sit in miniature Adirondack chairs waiting to be added, or not.

Fresh baked goods are also served. Caramel turtle scones, different flavors of biscotti and chocolate chip cookies baked in-house by Krissie. 

Currently, the Basts are offering delivery services for bags of roasted coffee. Orders can be placed on their website or called in and are delivered in a timely fashion. However, their shop is still open to walk-in customers.

“We’ve actually been really busy lately. We definitely have some very loyal customers who have become friends and who are helping us get the word out,” Krissie said. “We’re just taking it one day at a time.”

“Our 13 years of experience are getting us through these trying times,” Dwane said. “And we have truly wonderful customers who are helping us along as well.”

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