Hand Cafe gives back to health care workers during COVID-19 surge

Hand Cafe gives back to health care workers during COVID-19 surge

Hand Cafe owner Kate Wolbert has started bringing coffee and support notes to hospital workers at Midland Memorial Hospital, Medical Center Hospital and Odessa Regional Medical Center again during the COVID-19 surge that is sweeping through the communities and area hospitals. Wolbert said the cafe started bringing coffee to hospital workers about 10 days ago since Midland Memorial Hospital has reached capacity again due to the pandemic. The cafe takes about 20 to 25 drinks daily to help boost morale among workers.

“It is important to me that we are bringing them refreshments and also it’s important to raise awareness,” she said. “We want people to remember, even if they haven’t gotten the vaccine that the hospital is overwhelmed and so at a time when the community isn’t supporting them in a way that would reduce their stress then at least we can come together and still support them.”

Donations to help the initiative can be made at the jar at Hand Cafe or via Venmo at @handcafemidland. In addition to donations for coffee and treats, Midlanders can write support notes to hospital workers. Sometimes, the trips include bringing treats like brownies or donuts too.

“Coffee is something that health care workers can drink during a busy shift and it gives them more energy to get through their shift,” she said.

Wolbert said Hand Cafe would bring coffee and treats to Midland Memorial Hospital about two to three times a week during the worst part of last year’s outbreak. She said they stopped after things slowed down but now they have started up again.

She has someone from the cafe bring coffees by everyday for Midland Memorial Hospital. Then on the weekend, she tries to bring a load to Medical Center Hospital and Odessa Regional Medical Center in Odessa. If people can’t donate money they can stop by the cafe and write notes of support and encouragement to health care workers. 

Another coffee shop giving back today are the Humane Bean locations in West Texas. Today, Midland and Odessa locations will be celebrating Marlee’s fourth birthday with a special Princess Marlee drink — a frozen hot chocolate with princess sprinkles and swirls. Ask for Marlee’s drink to help. One hundred percent of the proceeds from Munguia’s drink sold that day will be donated to Munguia as she fights neuroblastoma. Donations can also be made in Marlee’s name in any amount at the Midland and Odessa locations. 
Patrons can also send birthday wishes to Marlee at the shops. Also tag #marleestrong in posted pictures, stories, Snapchats, Tik Toks and more. Visit The Human Bean Odessa at 4950 E. University or The Humane Bean of Midland at 2007 N. Big Spring St. from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

More food news

–Hook and Reel will be opening a location at 2215 N. Midland Drive Suite 2A, according to the website. The restaurant will open beside the Sherwin Williams in the Mesa Verde Shopping Center. This will be Midland’s first location. The Odessa location is at 5151 E. 42nd St. The menu mostly features seafood boils cooked with patrons favorite seafood, sauce and spice with extras like corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage and more. Other options include raw oysters, fried calamari, gumbo, oyster po’boy, catfish basket, lobster tail basket and more. 

–Foods 2 Kids Sacking will be today from 5 to 8 p.m. at the West Texas Food Bank in Odessa at 411 S. Pagewood Ave. Volunteers will help sack the backpacks, which will be distributed to more than 50 elementary schools in five area school districts. The event will be the first open to community event since March of 2020. 

–Culture, a new food truck, will have a pop-up Thursday starting at 11 a.m. at 312 N Colorado St. The food truck usually has a pop-up every Saturday at the Midland Downtown Farmers Market. Culture specializes in fried quesadillas and tacos filled with birria, potatoes, chipotle chicken or chorizo with cilantro, onions, grilled onions, grilled chiles, lettuce, crema, limones and salsa roja or salsa verde for toppings. 

–SisterDough has a new location at 3641 N. Dixie Blvd. in Odessa. The gourmet doughnut shop plans to have a grand opening on Aug. 21. 

–Wall St. Cocina’s second location at Music City Mall in Odessa is now open. Hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday. 

–Yuengling Beer can now be found at establishments in Midland and Odessa. Murray’s Deli, Little Woodrow’s, Bottoms Up, Buffalo Nickel, Triple Threat Bar and more. The beer will be in stores starting Aug. 23. Yuengling is the oldest operating brewing company in America, established in 1829. It is headquartered in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. 

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