Health Tips: Never drink tea, coffee after a meal

Health Tips: Never drink tea, coffee after a meal

To achieve good health, many things have to be taken care of apart from your diet. We have many bad habits that affect our health drastically with passage of time.

There are quite a few things that people should never do after eating. If we do these things then we can get affected. Today, we are going to tell you why we should not do some work after eating.

Read below to know the few things you should never do after a meal:

Water should not be drunk immediately after meals. If one have to drink water immediately after eating, do not have cold water. Actually, drinking water immediately after having food can spoil the digestion of food. If you have to drink, drink lukewarm water, it will improve digestion.

Many people have the habit of consuming tea or coffee after meals, but this is a bad habit. By this, the body cannot digest the iron present in the diet nor can it digest the protein.

Fruits and juices are very good for health, but do not consume fruits, juices or other foods for a few hours after eating. This hinders your digestive process.

Never do this work after lunch

Do not return to work immediately after lunch, walk fast or engage in any other activity. Rest for a while after eating, only then be active, that too slowly.

It is not right to lie down after eating. Many people have the habit of sleeping a little after lunch but it should be avoided. It can harm your digestive system and body.

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