How Etai Ramhil Is Disrupting The Pour Over Coffee Scene

How Etai Ramhil Is Disrupting The Pour Over Coffee Scene

What first gave you the idea to create a coffee filter?
It all started because, well, I love coffee. My daily coffee is such an important part of my day, and the same was true for my former shop mate Josh Vineyard. One day in the glass shop, we were talking about other things that could be designed in glass besides pipes, and the idea of an all-glass coffee maker came up. We started scouring the internet and couldn’t find anything like what we had initially imagined. After that, it was off to the races making prototypes and finding what worked!

How different was this process from making glass smokeware? How long/how many versions did it take for you to nail down the perfect design?
The process actually utilizes a lot of the same techniques. That’s a big part of the reason I wanted to pursue the idea seriously. We were able to personally prototype on our own time without any new machines or anything, and we could do it all in our shop.
It took around six months of prototyping before I landed on a final design. We took what is traditionally used as a diffuser/percolator and modified it to work for filtering ground coffee. Besides this integral part, the beaker shape and clean lines are a direct crossover from my experience making glass pipes.

It’s no joke to fundraise your own endeavor, much less during a pandemic. How was 2020 for you?
2020 was a roller coaster! We’ve been working on Pure Over since 2018, and had already planned to launch in 2020. When the pandemic hit and everything changed, we had to make a conscious decision to push forward with a 2020 launch despite the unknown. One thing was clear: daily routines became more sacred and intentional. 

What’s next for you? Have you left the weed world for coffee industry domination?
First, I don’t ever see myself not blowing glass and making art. It’s just something I’ll always have to do! It also enables me to stay sharp at my craft and continue to look at product design through the lens of glass blowing. For now, Pure Over is focused on the at-home coffee-making experience, but we do have a lot of ideas for complimentary products for the home that we plan to bring to market in the future.

Thanks for speaking with me!

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