How To Make A Cup Of Hot Chocolate Even More Sinful

How To Make A Cup Of Hot Chocolate Even More Sinful

Delicious hot chocolate for the soul

Just say ‘hot chocolate’ and there are thousands who would find themselves drooling just at the thought of relishing this sinful drink. Hot chocolate has long been credited as food for the soul – a drink that is so comforting that come whatever season, day or time, it is always welcomed. Be it to beat the blues, enjoy a quick sweet treat or snuggle up with on lazy days, hot chocolate is the answer for well, almost everything. Suddenly find yourself wishing for a devouring cup of hot chocolate right now? How about taking a break and enjoying hot chocolate?

Spiking Up Hot Chocolate

While plain ole hot chocolate is a favourite, there are ways you can further notch it up to make for a more indulging treat. Did you know you can spike up hot chocolate with alcohol for a heady mix? In fact, hot chocolate pairs marvellously with certain liqueurs, especially Baileys Original Irish Cream. To get you started, we bring you a Baileys Hot Chocolate recipe created by Chef Pooja Dhingra, which is just a simple mix of milk, dark chocolate and the Baileys liquor that bring together different flavours for plain pleasure.

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300ml milk

150gm dark chocolate

60ml Baileys


  • Heat milk and Baileys over a saucepan on medium heat.

  • Bring the liquid to simmer and take it off the heat.

  • Take chopped dark chocolate in a bowl and pour the liquid over the chocolate.

  • Let it sit for 2 minutes and whisk well. Serve hot.

Hot Chocolate Gets A Keto Spin

For those on a keto diet, there’s good news. You don’t have to sit back and watch others indulge. You can too relish this hot drink by making your own keto hot chocolate. Chef Sanjana Patel of La Folie shares a recipe of DIY Keto Hot Chocolate. Dense, creamy, velvety: it’s like a hug in a cup. Almost bitter, and dark, this keto hot chocolate is spiced with cinnamon to warm your throat a little, and also features a dash of vanilla to smoothen it out.

DIY Keto Hot Chocolate



60gm whipping cream

60gm water or brewed coffee

1gm stevia

15gm natural unsweetened cocoa powder

20gm dark chocolate (85%)

2gm vanilla extract or cinnamon for spice


  • Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Give it a gentle boil and whisk till it thickens.

  • Pour in a mug – relax, sip and enjoy.

  • Optional – Dust with extra cocoa or shavings of chocolate.

With these two easy recipes, whip up a sinful cup of hot chocolate and enjoy!

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