How To Make The Best Coffee At Home

How To Make The Best Coffee At Home

Now you’ve got the best ethical beans or ground coffee, you’re ready to make cafe worthy coffee at home. We’ve spoken to some serious coffee experts and champion baristas to get their take on how to make seriously good coffee at home.

Of course, everyone has a different take on the best way!

How to make the best cafetiere coffee

Known for their innovative, sustainable approach to coffee, independent coffee roaster, Kiss the Hippo share how to make the best cafetiere coffee at home.

Head of Coffee Josh Tarlo says: ‘The French Press (cafetiere) is the coffee brewer many of us grew up with and it’s a perfect entry into home brewing. With a little precision in your preparation you can get a coffee that tastes sweeter and more vibrant than you’ve ever had before.’

You will need:

  • Cafitiere / French Press
  • Kettle
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Spoon
  • Coffee Grinder

1. Place the French Press on a scale, add 21g of freshly ground coffee.

2. Start the timer and add 300g of water just off the boil, taking care to saturate all the grounds.

3. After four minutes, vigorously stir for 5 seconds and place the plunger on top. Don’t press just yet, it’s there to seal in the heat.

4. After two minutes, lift up the plunger and scoop out any grounds left on top to avoid bitterness.

5. Put the plunger back on and press two thirds of the way down.

6. Serve immediately to stop the coffee from over extracting.

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