HR grads share tips for nailing your virtual job interview

HR grads share tips for nailing your virtual job interview

Is there still a place for the cold call or the informational interview – even if it’s virtual?

AP: Absolutely. We’re doing career chats more than ever. I’ve had people reach out because they saw a job posting. They say… ‘could you schedule a call with me just to go over the role, how could I build the skills I need to get the role one day?’ Even the fact that I’ve just met this person over the phone and made a connection on LinkedIn, that really helps. Then maybe a month later a colleague of mine is looking for a different role that they’d be good for.

Rosana Fialho: One of the biggest ways to find a job is networking – and networking is going to be a lot harder in this context. But harder doesn’t mean impossible. It just means that you’ve got to find really creative ways to network. Whether that’s reaching out to organizations to do informational interviews, or finding virtual networking events, which do exist. If you can’t find any, consider organizing your own. Just keep trying.


So the networking is a must-do. Let’s talk about resumes. What are you looking for that helps a resume stand out?

AP: The roles I’m (filling) right now, I like to see technical skills, even if it’s not part of the job description. So if you can tell me, ‘I’m great with Zoom,’ ‘I know how to WebEx,’ that always stands out. As a recruiter, I definitely look at LinkedIn as well.

NB Make sure your resume is done professionally. That it has a great template and a good look, very clear, concise and detailed …  also get a professional photo on LinkedIn. I’ve always said that before, but even more so now, (you need it) to standout. Make sure that your cover letter really talks about the job that you’re applying for.  You know, a lot of cover letters, it’s just one letter that is for every role, and they just change the company title. But really, make those letters personal to the company.

JC: I also think it’s important to share your story. Maybe if your resume doesn’t necessarily convey all of your experience, I would always recommend creating a cover letter. When I recruited at SickKids, this was the channel that allowed you to share your story and why you’d be a great candidate.

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