I LOVE TEXOMA: Hobo Coffee & Ice Co.

I LOVE TEXOMA: Hobo Coffee & Ice Co.

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Thanksgiving may be Thursday, but let’s be honest—Christmas is practically here! And the best place to have a cup of cheer this year is at Hobo Coffee and Ice Co.

Who would’ve thought a homey and decorative coffee shop would fit so nicely inside a shipping container, but it’s exactly the kind of idea owner Marybeth Cook had in mind to set her local business apart from the rest.

“My mom has always just loved serving other people, she’s always invited people into our home for the holidays, we always have the holidays at our house and she just loves coffee,” says Marybeth’s Daughter, Taylor Barnes. “We saw these really cool shipping containers in Dallas and she’s like, ‘what if I created a coffee shop out of this and it can be more than coffee, it can be home for people’.”

You won’t find an average Cup of Joe at Hobo’s thanks to a team of lively, specialty baristas. To go along with their personable attitude, the creativity here is endless and the holiday spirit is at an all time high!

“We just introduced our holiday menu and it is front and back and it is all kinds of drinks: hot, cold and we also have some specialty puffles on there as well,” says Taylor.

In case you’re wondering what the heck a puffle is, Taylor says it’s one of their newest, delicious Frankenstein creations that’s a mix between a pancake and a waffle! And as it turns out, they have a ton of puffles to choose from: like their apple pie puffle with caramel sauce and pecans or their holiday themed puffle named after our favorite Christmas elf…Buddy! It’s made with chocolate moose, Christmas M&M’s, Fruity Pebbles, marshmallows, chocolate Pop Tarts, and a heaping helping of whipped cream. All that’s missing is the spaghetti!

Perhaps the best part about Hobo’s for the holidays is what happens at night, when the Christmas music plays, the lights turn on, the patio opens, the hot chocolate flows and the Christmas festivities begin. There’s also a very special guest at Hobo’s that has made the trip all the way from the North Pole just to be here in Wichita Falls.

“So every friday we get the lucky opportunity to bring Santa into Hobo for pictures and an opportunity to sit with Santa. I know that opportunity has been taken from a lot of kids this year and there aren’t normal opportunities to sit down and get a picture with Santa this year, so we have him every Friday night from 5 to 8, you can come and see Santa and take a picture with him!” says Taylor.

For Santa, this year is an especially important one to see all the kids who need their christmas wish to come true.

“To see their faces when they walk in, you know, you just can’t explain it,” says Santa. “I wish it could stay Christmas all year round because the people are happy, people are helping each other, you can visit with Santa, take a picture— all we’re asking you know is to donate to Faith Mission.”

Santa will be at Hobo’s until December 19th, and then it’s back to the North Pole to get ready for the big sleigh ride around the world!

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