After Hurricane Hanna, Island Joe’s owner Bryan Tumlinson and his staff decided to help pick up debris on the beaches. 

“My wife and I were talking and we were thinking of what we can do to keep that going,” Tumlinson said.

Tumlinson and his wife Brenda decided on a new promotion: Bring a bag of trash from the beach, get a free cup of cold brew. The owners posted on Facebook and within a week had 700 likes and shares on the post. 

“Every day our baristas are taking garbage for cold brew,” Bryan said. 

The shop started with several hundred beach trash bags from the city, but because of the demand are completely out of them. 

“They have flown out the door,” Bryan said, “we don’t have anymore.”

Families, locals and tourists, have come into the shop with bags they collected from the beaches, according to Brenda.

“It’s taking pride in our beaches,” Brenda said. 

The promotion is ongoing at the shop. 

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