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Lake County Leader

Kinsey Brookman is a recent recipient of the Today’s Achievers, Tomorrow’s Leaders award sponsored by Kalispell Regional Healthcare and Lake County Leader.

Kinsey graduated this spring from Mission Valley Christian Academy in Polson, having maintained excellent grades in both high school courses and college courses through Flathead Valley Community College.

She is an artist, especially enjoying painting in acrylics and drawing. This year she shared her gift by teaching art with another student to the elementary school students twice a week.

Award recipients receive a $250 donation to their school or activity. Kinsey is considering designating the art program at Mission Valley to receive the donation.

Kinsey was active with just about anything that involved service to her school and community. She took an active part in every one of the school’s monthly community service projects, even seeking out projects for the school to assist with. This included visiting nursing homes, in addition to such things as picking up litter, helping folks with yardwork, and cleaning and helping at the animal shelter. She had planned to travel to Mexico over Spring Break with other students to serve an orphanage there, but that was put on hold due to the pandemic.

“Kinsey is a servant leader,” wrote principal Andrew Russell in nominating Kinsey for the award. “She seeks to lead by being an example of how to serve the school, her peers, and the community,” and she is “often selected by her peers to lead in different areas.”

As an example, Kinsey used her experience working in an espresso shop to manage a student-run coffee business within the school. She trained baristas and oversaw the operation, as she and her fellow students learned to run a business.

Mr. Russell cited “followership,” the ability to be an effective part of the team whether one is in charge or not, as a key aspect of great leadership in nominating Kinsey. “Ms. Brookman is a role model to others through her studious nature, excellent behavior, and impeccable manners… She is trustworthy and displays high integrity in managing the coffee business financials and often seeks to ensure students have an equitable opportunity to participate in events.” he wrote.

Kinsey will take a gap year and assess choices for her future, though she will continue to take some online college courses to keep her skills sharp. She is interested in pursuing art and expects to also find new paths. In the meantime, she looks forward to doing some of her favorite things such as reading books and enjoying her church youth group.

When asked about a value she would be willing to fight for, Kinsey said, “It really bothers me when people are not kind to other people. It’s so easy to do. I feel like that is something I’m pretty passionate about and would advocate for.” With that attitude, the world will no doubt welcome this new leader.

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