Lots of options at Historic Perk Coffee Shop | Columnists

Lots of options at Historic Perk Coffee Shop | Columnists

Nestled in the rapidly growing downtown of Springfield sits a little coffee shop with an abundance of flavorful, fresh coffee drinks and delicious food.


The friendly baristas greet you with a smile as the smell of coffee fills the air. Soft music plays in the background to complete the classic “read a book and sip your coffee” atmosphere, but that’s not all Historic Perk Coffee Shop (704 S Main St.) has to offer.


The register is surrounded by brownies, chess squares, cookies and yogurt parfait all made in-house. Granola bars and loose granola are available as well as an assortment of muffins and biscotti.


These sweet to-go treats pair with the various coffee drinks from the house brew, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, espresso and more. 


Don’t know what these are? No worries! 


The baristas are happy to explain the drinks to you and even make suggestions for what you may like. They also have non-coffee drinks available. 


During my visits, I have tried a variety of latte options, the medium roast house brew from Rwanda and the cold brew. The Rwandan house brew was smooth, with a little cream and sugar to enhance the flavor to my liking. By mixing flavors or trying them alone, lattes are a milky cup of goodness with shots of espresso from Papua New Guinea. My personal favorite so far is the hot vanilla latte, but these can be cold too. Even better, all the syrups are made in-house.


Although only served during the warmer months of April to October, the cold brew is a fantastic way to enjoy a smooth, refreshing cup of coffee. Since cold brew is made without heat, it’s less acidic and more caffeinated. It’s a staple drink for me as the temperature rises. Prices range from $2 to $4.35, plus any additions you make to the drink.


After deciding which drink you want, it’s on to the food. Serving both breakfast and lunch, there’s no lack of options for your meal of choice. A shop favorite is the grilled chicken parmesan panini, and it didn’t disappoint. Precisely grilled with a slight crunch, this gooey cheese and chicken filled panini is the way to go. If you’re feeling extra hungry, sides are available.


Another sandwich to try is the pimento cheese sandwich or panini. If you like cheese, this is the meal for you. Pimento cheese slightly melted on toasted bread is a great mix of crunch and flavor. 


Food specials change every week to keep the menu fresh. The menu consists of bagels, avocado toast and breakfast sandwiches in addition to the items in the bake case. Lunch options include salads, sandwiches and paninis. Prices range from $4.75 to $7 for a rather filling meal made from completely unique recipes.


As a shop that prides itself on knowing exactly where its coffee beans are coming from, Historic Perk’s care for the product and the customers is apparent.


Ellen Kennedy is a fulltime reporter for the Robertson County Connection.

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