LOUNGE LAB Unveils ‘ARIS’, Capsule-Based Ice Cream Robot Customizable with 10 Flavors and 3 Shapes – Press Release

“We want everyone to be happy” – From the comment on the launch.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2021 / The food-tech start-up LOUNGE LAB, which operates the Robotic cafe ‘Lounge X’ and the ‘Grab and go’-style unmanned store, announced that it is about to launch the capsule-based ice cream robot ‘ARIS’.

When the customer selects the taste and shape from the touch display, the robot arm extracts ice cream from the capsule, puts it in a cup, and delivers it directly to the customer. ARIS can make more than 10 types of ice cream, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors and can make ice creams in three different shapes depending on the customer’s choice, allowing individual customization to meet the customer’s preference.

The ice cream robot ‘Aris’ to be released this time will be introduced in two models: a high-end model that can be operated in unmanned indoors or outdoors stores, such as in shopping malls, golf courses, and hotels, and an entry-level model that operates in collaboration with employees in the store.

Both models help ease operations by reducing workers’ repeated labor and have the advantage of being able to operate 24/7 regardless of business hours. In particular, the fact that ARIS can produce ice cream with consistent quality regardless of the employee’s proficiency is considered to be a strong point.

LOUNGE LAB has drawn attention from the food technology industry as Korea’s first robot-barista collaboration café, Lounge X. Consumers are showing great interests too. Following the visits of consumers looking for new things, Lounge X opened seven stores in Korea, including Seoul, Daejeon, and Jeju Island, just in a year.

LOUNGE LAB launched various types of new robots to suit the context of the space in the store. For example, ‘BARIS Hand-Drip’, a robot that brews hand-drip coffee, ‘BARIS Can’, a robot that makes canned beverages for delivery services, and ‘BARIS Espresso’, a robot that pulls an espresso shot and delivers it over the rails so that barista can quickly make coffee drinks.

“For the past year, LOUNGE LAB has focused on developing coffee robots, and now we developed an ice cream robot that makes ice cream for everyone, especially for children who cannot drink coffee,” said Hwang Sungjae, CEO of LOUNGE LAB.

Meanwhile, with the recent increase in the number of consumers who prefer contact-free service, the contactless service market is rapidly growing, and LOUNGE LAB is drawing attention as a contactless retail tech service using robotics and artificial intelligence technology.


LOUNGE LAB is a retail tech start-up founded based on “We Augment Space with Technology.” Currently, we are operating a robot-barista collaboration cafe, LOUNGE’X, and an AI-based unmanned store.

Dr. Hwang Sungjae is our CEO, who founded several companies including Future Play Co., Korea’s leading technology accelerator, Fluenty, an artificial intelligence start-up acquired for the first time by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and 6gram Corp., a well-known online butcher’s shop.

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Contact: Sanghyoub Lee

Email: contact@loungelab.io

Phone: +82-10-8341-5427

Country: South Korea

Website: https://loungelab.io/


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