Meritage Coffee® Launches

Meritage Coffee® Launches

With the influx of third wave coffee culture over the last decade bringing celebrity status baristas and intimidating café menus, Meritage Coffee® founder Robert J. Midyette saw an opportunity to streamline a new more simplified luxury coffee experience focused on home and office. The branding is void of the complexity and cultural baggage inferred by other coffees. The team is focused on delivering a superior coffee to refine even life’s most fleeting moments.

“We seek to bring a truly superior product forward in the simplest and least complex way possible so that high end coffee is no longer regulated to being outside the cultural mainstream, and instead becomes the default expectation for all consumers,” says Robert J. Midyette, founder, Meritage Coffee®.

Meritage Coffee® debuts with the introduction of four distinct coffees: Founder’s Reserve, New York Blend, Breakfast Blend, and Espresso Roast. Coffees are medium to bold roast with all sourcing information listed on the website. The Founder’s Reserve, Midyette’s favorite, is a bold roast and is a blend of Ethiopian Yigacheffe & Honduran Marcala. The coffee is 100% Arabica, Grade 1, Organic and Fair-Trade Certified. Meritage Coffee® sells for $16.95 per bag. The direct-to-consumer site also offers an easy subscription model that offers reduced pricing. All coffee is automatically delivered on the customer’s selected schedule, either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. There is no obligation, and it can be modified or cancelled at any time. To preserve coffee freshness, the blends are roasted in small batches and each bag is flushed with nitrogen to displace oxygen.

Meritage Coffee’s founder Robert J. Midyette is a classically trained chef, wine enthusiast, and lover of coffee. He is a veteran corporate travel and hospitality executive with decades of global experience. Gleaned from his extensive travel globally, Midyette founded Meritage Coffee on the premise that superior quality and craftmanship can also be simple, obtainable, and inclusive.

Currently, Meritage Coffee® is sourced from Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ethiopia, and Indonesia, and is roasted in New York.

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