Michael Mosley shares ‘surprising’ tips to cut down on & avoid snacking

Michael Mosley shares ‘surprising’ tips to cut down on & avoid snacking

Dr Michael Mosley often shares his weight loss tips with slimmers online as well as on television. He is the creator of The Fast 800 – a diet plan that helps people lose weight quickly.

The Fast 800 diet plant combines three things: a healthy Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, and eating 800 calories a day.

To fit only 800 calories into your day, it is easiest to avoid snacking.

Doctor Mosley himself said he does not snack during the day, but if he is hungry, he will opt for healthy foods that are low in calories.

The nutrition expert said: “I try to avoid snacks generally but if I do occasionally indulge, it might be on something reasonably healthy like a handful of nuts.

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Drinking water is not only essential for your health and wellbeing – it can also keep you feeling full for longer.

This is perfect for those who want to cut out snacking from their daily routine.

Doctor Mosley said: “Drinking plenty of water can keep the hunger at bay.

“You can also try adding fresh ginger, a slice of fresh lemon or lime to hot water or to sparkling water.

“They also have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome – or raised blood pressure, elevated blood sugars, and raised levels of fats in the blood that can increase your risk of heart disease.

“The likely explanation, according to studies, is that consuming high-fat dairy products keeps you fuller for longer, reducing the lure of sugary snacks.”

Another trick is to “keep exercising”. According to Doctor Mosley, “moving is key to preventing cravings from taking over”.

He concluded with his final tip: “As soon as you have finished the last meal of the day, brush your teeth.

“It’ll help you to keep away from snacks and nibbles.

“It is also psychological trigger that this is the end of the day.”

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