Nellie’s ice cream and gourmet coffee shops

Nellie’s ice cream and gourmet coffee shops

Great news on the restaurant front. In addition to more and more restaurants reopening — shiny, new spots are in bloom. Here are two in St. Paul slated to open this month:


Nellie’s ice cream sandwich. (Courtesy of Daved Najarian)

It’s official: co-owner Daved Najarian confirmed the grand opening of Nellie’s ice cream is set for noon on April 10. In addition to featuring cups and cones that have been the style and tradition when the space was the former Izzy’s Ice Cream, the new place on Marshall Avenue just east of Cleveland Avenue will also spotlight build-your-own-ice cream cookie sandwiches.

The new owners are no strangers to the scoop shop business. Nellie’s will be run by the family behind Nelson’s Ice Cream in Stillwater and St. Paul.

Nellie’s: 2034 Marshall Ave., St. Paul;


Say hello to a new coffee bar — one that prefers not to sell lattes –in the lobby of Vandalia Tower in St. Paul. That’s because the team behind SK Coffee wants those who come through the door to experience rare, single origin coffee it sources from small-scale farming partners in all of its glory. While there still will be steamed milk options, the coffee bar will mainly spotlight coffee through four flavor categories: smooth, sweet, bold and unique. There will be a regular rotation of those categories and beans will be roasted in a production facility adjacent to the coffee bar.

“For SK, the beauty comes from the bean itself, the producers who cultivate it, and the processes through which the coffee goes through to highlight flavor, character, and context,” said Sam Kjellberg, founder. “We think the time is just right, and coffee drinkers in Minnesota are ready for the next level… the local coffee community has been doing great things for so long, we’re really excited to get to participate in pushing it even further.”

And for those who don’t want their coffee straight up, there will be other options as well. “Of course, we will have a rotating espresso shot and an espresso and steamed milk option, but our main focus will be beautiful coffee, effortlessly,” Kjellberg said.

SK Coffee Bar at Vandalia Tower is set to open on April 12. Hours will be from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

SK Coffee Bar: 550 Vandalia St., St. Paul;

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