New coffee roasting business prepares to open in Mifflinburg | Business

New coffee roasting business prepares to open in Mifflinburg | Business

MIFFLINBURG — Jed Epler is passionate about coffee.

So much so that he recently decided to craft a blend and start his own company, Gnosis, a coffee roaster, based in Mifflinburg.

The business startup, a wholesale operation, is targeting late May. The exact date has yet to be decided.

“I’m waiting on my roaster, and some other things,” he said. The roaster should arrive by the end of May and then he’ll be in operation.

The roaster is where you dump the green coffee beans, Epler explained.

“My roaster will take four pounds of coffee beans at a time,” he continued.

The beans he is purchasing come from Ethiopia or Guatemala and other locations.

“I’ll have maybe one or two blends, and espresso,” Epler said.

“My focus is a higher blend, single-origin coffee blends.”

Meanwhile, paintbrush in hand, there is plenty to do before the opening.

Epler is not new to the art and science of coffee roasting, he said on Thursday.

At his last job with a business in Danville, he learned how to roast coffee, and soon became hooked on the idea of starting his own business.

It was an appropriate time for Epler to do his own thing. Next up was finding a place to locate his operation.

“I got connected to Lance Miller, of Mifflinburg Innovation Works, who pointed me to a spot at 8 North Fifth Street, behind Tomahawks.”

That’s where he’ll do the roasting and packaging. He will have a grinder in the space as well.

“Starting our own business is a lot of work, yeah,” said Beth Epler, Jed’s wife of four years.

“I’m supportive of the business. But there are a lot of things you don’t ordinarily think about in a startup such as this.”

Jed said he chose the word Gnosis as the name of his business.

“I’ve always kind of liked the word,” he said. Part of my branding is helping people get to the depth of who they are.”

He said the word Gnosis — defined as esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient Gnostics to be essential to salvation — helps explain it.

As soon as his business is up and running, Epler plans to offer his blend of coffee directly to customers via his website, or through coffee shops, retailers, restaurants, or grocers. He also plans to sell at farmer’s markets, such as the one in Lewisburg on Wednesdays.

Epler’s roast will be based on the green coffee beans he buys from suppliers around the world.

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