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Out and About at WRAL.com

— In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are making coffee at home. But these at home baristas don’t always know how to get the best cup of coffee.

That’s where Cocoa Cinnamon comes in. The Durham coffee shop has started offering classes via Zoom to help you make a better cup of coffee. Classes run $30 and are done entirely online.

Cocoa Cinnamon is also home to the Little Waves Roastery. You can get your locally roasted beans for delivery or pick-up. Owners Leon Grodski de Barrera and Areli Barrera de Grodski have set a goal to sell 230 bags of Little Waves Coffee per day to keep their employees and basic bills paid.

Cocoa Cinnamon

We asked Cocoa Cinnamon to give us some tips on how to make a better cup of coffee. So check out the video with this story to see some tips on making a great pour over coffee.

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