Over Coffee with Ellen: Video recalls career of a legendary lacrosse player | Columns

Over Coffee with Ellen: Video recalls career of a legendary lacrosse player | Columns

There are so many extraordinary individuals in the community of Akwesasne.

How fortunate I am that I have met a number of these amazing people.

David P. White is one of those extraordinary individuals.

What a terrific gentleman and skilled lacrosse player — yes, a lacrosse legend.

A few days ago, I received a text urging me to watch a Canadian Lacrosse Legends YouTube video featuring David White.

Both of our sons had watched it, and both were impressed by the words and story shared by this amazing man.

Dave White told the interviewer that he had first been given a lacrosse stick at the age of 11.

“It made a world of difference to me,” he said as he described visiting the local lacrosse factory. “The lacrosse stick was my friend.”

When Wally Roundpoint gave him that first lacrosse stick, Dave White said he was told to “take care of this stick and it will take care of you.”

As the gentleman from Akwesasne left home at a young age to attend prep school at Northfield Mount Hermon in Massachusetts, he remembered that the lacrosse stick was his closest friend and traveling companion.

There are so many throughout the north country who know of David White and his tremendous abilities with a lacrosse stick in his hand.

A young man who played lacrosse for Coach White said of Dave White’s abilities, “He could always run faster, quicker, longer, outplay everyone on the field and truly lead by example.”

The Canadian Lacrosse Legends video shows a half-hour interview with the local lacrosse legend sharing his journey as a lacrosse player.

He mentions many local friends and coaches who were part of his lacrosse playing lending support and shared knowledge. He also details teams he has been part of and teams he has coached.

There is far more to Dave White’s story.

Another young man who played for Coach White said the interview on YouTube was excellent, but he added, “It was interesting hearing the full story.”

The interview includes not only lacrosse but his life at home in the community of Akwesasne, his education and career.

He attended prep school at the age of 12.

His mother knowing her son should attend prep school, David said, was an “act of love.”

He graduated from Brown University in 1975 and has been honored as being named to the Brown University Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

In the fall of 1975, he began his career that involved coaching lacrosse at Salmon River Central School.

He continued his work with the students at Salmon River for 33 years, always leading by example and guiding young people in life and on the lacrosse field.

I would recommend you take a moment this week and either watch Canadian Lacrosse Legends/David White on YouTube or Google that link to watch.

I did both and found Dave White’s interview uplifting, fascinating and truly inspirational.

My thanks, David, for sharing your lacrosse skills for fans to watch and enjoy and be thrilled by, for sharing your knowledge with so many and, this week, for sharing your remarkable story.

My thanks this week to Shannon in the check-out aisle at Price Chopper.

Until the novel coronavirus pandemic and a time when in-store shopping has been limited, I was vigilant on always making sure I purchased an item for the best price.

I would like to do that now and try to watch pricing. But when availability is limited, I make a purchase for an item needed many times rather than just for the right price.

Last week, I needed a vitamin I take every day.

That item was on my list for purchase, although I know it can be considered costly.

I had attempted to purchase this item in one store, but none were available.

On my Price Chopper visit, I found the vitamin I needed and put it in my shopping cart.

I was actually pleased to have found it — it is an item I didn’t want to be without, and my bottle at home was almost empty.

As I went through the check-out aisle, Shannon was at the cash register.

How kind she was to ask me if I knew that the item I had purchased was on sale this week:

“Buy one; get one free.”

I told her I wasn’t aware of that.

Shannon asked if I wanted to make the purchase and made sure I was able to do so and obtain the item I needed. Amazing!

How thoughtful to mention that sale, one I honestly wasn’t aware of.

But through this clerk’s suggestion, I was able not only to purchase the item I needed but now have one I got completely free of charge!

Isn’t the north country a marvelous place to live and shop with such caring clerks?

On a morning television news program this past week, I learned there was such a thing as a “park prescription,” with a doctor actually prescribing nature for patients.

We were told by the doctor in the segment that by “taking a stroll” and spending time outside, there would be a decrease in anxiety and increase in a sense of well-being.

Time outside also was prescribed for the health benefits of a stroll, viewers were told.

I smiled thinking that as we enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in the north country (daffodils were picked this week and brought into our home — certainly bringing a sense of well-being), there should certainly be no anxiety by any resident here.

Did you see the beauty of the clouds on a Thursday evening or the sunrise on a Sunday morning? A friend saw a rainbow last week as well.

And on Easter, a darling bunny hopped across our lawn.

His brown fur had not quite changed into his summer white, but what fun to see this Easter bunny nearby.

Take a moment this week and stop for a moment and look skyward at the clouds and at the beauty of the flowers and birds nearby.

I personally don’t believe we need a doctor to prescribe a time for walking in Springs Park, on Barnhardt Island, at Eisenhower Lock or at home in our yard and finding a marvelous sense of well-being and, yes, joy this week.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

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