Peloton Launches Two New SKUs of Peloton Cascara Tea

Peloton Launches Two New SKUs of Peloton Cascara Tea

WEST CHESTER, Pa.– Cascara is taking the healthy beverage and craft coffee world by storm! Recently, Peloton has decided to expand their product range and bring two new Organic Certified SKUS into the market.

Peloton Cascara Tea Lemon Lightly Sweet

Keeping with the 5 ingredients or less, Lemon Lightly sweet is Organic Certified, 60 calories per bottle, 38mg of caffeine, and only 14g of sugar.

Peloton Cascara Tea Original Unsweetened 

With only 4 ingredients, this is the simplest form of Peloton Cascara Tea. Original Unsweet is Organic Certified, 5 Calories per bottle, 38mg caffeine, and only 1g of naturally occurring sugar.

Peloton Cascara Tea is also offered in Lightly Sweetened Original, Cranberry-Lime, Apple-pomegranate, and Peach-Ginger.

All of Peloton Cascara Tea’s are brewed from the once wasted coffee fruit (cascara). It is currently distributed up and down the East Coast and in Texas. We are in stores such as Whole Foods, Giant, Acme, Mom’s Organics, United Supermarkets and Central Market to name a few.

What Is Cascara?

Cascara, a Spanish word meaning “husk”, is a term used to describe the dried skin of the coffee bean. Previously discarded, cascara is filled with antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients that turn this “waste” product into a superfood.

According to the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) chart, Cascara is the fourth highest antioxidant-rich superfood in the world. It has 78 times the antioxidants of blueberries and pomegranates. It has also been clinically proven to boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which supports brain health, memory and focus.

Social Impact

Nearly 80 percent of coffee is wasted. This 80 percent is the coffee fruit (cascara). 10 percent of that waste can go to fertilizer. However, it is not sustainable without more elements being added.

Typically, coffee farmers discard the fruit portion of the coffee crop and use only the bean. For years, this superfruit has gone to waste. Purchasing the whole coffee fruit (cascara) provides sustainability to the farms as well as producing a second stream of revenue for the coffee farmers. The second stream of revenue improves the lives of the farmers, allows for better education, and provides money to reinvest into the farm.

It is Peloton’s mission to make the most impact for everyone involved by directly sourcing and utilizing cascara from organic coffee farms in Central and South America. By using the once wasted husk of the coffee cherry, Peloton minimizes waste that leads to sustainable coffee farming and additional streams of income for local farmers and farming communities.

About Peloton

Owners Adam and David Jones are two brothers from West Chester PA.

pel·?o·?ton: / pe-l?-‘tän / n. The main group of riders in a bicycle race.

Riders in a peloton work together to conserve energy and get to the finish line.

At Drink Peloton we believe nothing is possible without a team around you and of course, lots of hustle!

The Peloton brand is committed to sustainability and addressing global environmental issues. Peloton is a proud member of 1% For the Planet. For every bottle of Peloton sold, a percentage of proceeds goes towards Charity: Water – a non-profit organization aiming to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries.

To learn more about Peloton and our Cascara Tea, please visit or our Instagram page – @drinkpeloton.

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