Pokemon Fan Shares Anniversary-Inspired Drink Recipes

Pokemon Fan Shares Anniversary-Inspired Drink Recipes

With the 25th anniversary of Pokemon in full swing, one fan creates stellar Pokemon-inspired cocktails and posts the recipes online.

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, and people all around the world are celebrating in their own way. Fans are showing their love by playing their favorite titles from the series, producing fan art, or even, in the case of one Reddit user, making Pokemon-inspired cocktails. What’s more, this social media mixologist posted the recipes so Pokemon fans everywhere can enjoy them.

A good celebration deserves a signature cocktail, but Reddit user nakapri and her boyfriend managed to whip up four. There’s the Charmantini, made with orange juice, vodka, and strawberry syrup; the Coffeevee, which is made with coffee and vodka, with sweet accents from white chocolate liqueur; the Togepi sour, which uses egg whites and rum; and the Gengar punch, which is a mix of gin and açaí berry Redbull. Each drink represents the Pokemon it’s named after in appearance. The full recipes can be found in the comments section of the original post.

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During a special Pokemon Presents on February 26, audiences were shown a video that showcased the franchise’s impressive evolution throughout the years. This was followed by a few big announcements. The first is that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are in development, and gameplay footage was shown as part of the presentation. They’ll launch simultaneously in late 2021 on the Switch and as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl.

Nintendo also announced Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which is introducing an entirely new style of gameplay to the series by being an open-world RPG. The game will be a prequel to Diamond and Pearl, and will also be set in the Sinnoh region but much further in the past. In fact, it’s a time period never touched on in other Pokemon titles yet, which should be an exciting departure from tradition for fans. The title will launch next year and was also introduced with a gameplay trailer.

While Pokemon fans will have to wait another year for those titles, another new game is arriving much sooner. In April, New Pokemon Snap releases for the Nintendo Switch and will feature a lot more Pokemon than the original. There will be over 200 different Pokemon for players to photograph. There isn’t a comprehensive list of which ones will be present yet, but the game’s latest trailer did help confirm some of the new Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.

Special promotions, products, and in-game events for titles like Pokemon GO will also be part of the anniversary, so fans will have plenty to do this year. Music will also be a big part of the celebration through a special music program called P25 Music. After the Pokemon Day festivities on February 27, Post Malone held a virtual concert. However, The Pokemon Company confirms there are even more artists on the Pokemon music album releasing later this year, one of which will be Katy Perry.

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