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Product Reviews

Dull complexion that’s in need of toning, glow and radiance could receive just the boost it needs from Glutone serum. Applied to your skin after cleansing and before moisturising, it delivers powerful ingredients directly into the skin with its innovative drone technology.

The Glutone serum contains liposomal glutathione, which is a fast-absorbing version of the master antioxidant glutathione, which ensures better penetration and faster results. Melazero, a Nobel Prize-winning innovation, helps erase preformed melanin and improves skin tone.

A big plus is that the water-based serum has a silky feel and is non-sticky in nature. It feels light on application and comes with a promise to deliver clearly visible results in four weeks of using the product, applied twice daily. Glutone serum can be bought online at

Price: Rs.1,200 for a 30 ml pack that lasts a month

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