Quantum Health’s new Dublin headquarters offers space to recharge

Quantum Health’s new Dublin headquarters offers space to recharge

The warriors at Quantum Health have a new place to hang their headset, and along with it, plenty of space to recharge and decompress from a job that at times can be emotionally tough.

The fast-growing company has officially opened its new headquarters in Dublin, taking over a vacant building at 5240 Blazer Parkway. It also has bought the neighboring building, creating a campus that one day could grow to house more than 8,000 employees, referred to as warriors because of their fight for the health care for those who need it.

Quantum currently has 1,400 employees and is adding 300 more as demand surges by 30% per year. Quantum’s service has been proven to cut costs while improving the health care experience for people who often find it frustrating.

Companies such as Allstate and Honda hire Quantum to manage their health plans.

Health care workers talk on the phone, chat online and provide support to help employees of their clients navigate the complexities of the health care system, whether it is selecting a doctor, getting clinical support or connecting with community resources.

Quantum says a typical journey for a single person can last 11 months, involve five to seven providers and result in 25 claims. During this journey, people will have to make an average of 41 decisions ranging from treatment to costs to lifestyle decisions.

That can mean helping an employee who just received a cancer diagnosis manage chemotherapy, get a wig or make a difficult lifestyle decision, said Shannon Skaggs, the company’s president, after giving a tour of the new headquarters this week.

“Clinicians are on the phone crying with members who are making plans for their chemotherapy,” he said. (They’ll say) ‘I want a wig. I don’t want to lose my dignity in this process. How can you help me do that?’ 

“Think of all the emotion wrapped up in those interactions,” he said.

Each pod of 30 or so workers includes space where workers can have some private time, basically a small room with a chair. There are cubby areas throughout the building that can be closed off by a curtain for privacy.

“We hire smart, empathetic, compassionate human beings who will fight on behalf of our members and providers. … What we want is for them to be the best for the next interaction,” Skaggs said.  

Sanctuary for workers

The company has been moving workers into the building for the last several months, but the staff got to see for the first time on Thursday what Quantum is calling its sanctuary space: 110,000 square feet of space where workers can collaborate, eat, play and relax. 

There is a 6,000-square-foot commercial kitchen that will offer low-cost and free food options and catering, a place where workers can grab Starbucks coffee and snacks, a fitness center, suites for nursing mothers, a gaming area where workers can play pool or shuffleboard, and a small market where workers can grab meals and groceries for home. Part of the area includes couches and hanging chairs.

Outside is a courtyard and a 1-mile-long walking path.

“People recharge in different ways,” said Samantha Delabar, senior interior designer at BHDP Architecture, which helped design the space.

Some want to do something fun while others need a quiet space, she said.

Quantum has committed $50 million to the renovation of the two buildings. 

With the work now done at 5240 Blazer Parkway, Quantum’s focus will shift to 5260 Blazer Parkway.

The company founded by CEO Kara Trott in 1999 has come a long way.

Now it serves more than 400 clients and 1.8 million members across the U.S.

Quantum incorporates a “Wizard of Oz” theme in its work.

Clients and companies often compare the health care journey to being dumped in Oz, with an unknown journey ahead and potential chaos and confusion. Quantum says it acts a guide to help those along the way.

“Our health care warriors basically walk hand-in-hand with you virtually on your health care journey,” Skaggs said.

The company includes a yellow brick road in its logo, and there are Oz references throughout the remodeled building, such as a photo of a pair of ruby slippers on a wall that stands for Quantum’s pillar to “Stick With Them” — a reminder that Dorothy and her new friends stuck together to get through their journey. There’s another photo of the Tin Man because of the heart he showed to his friends.

Even with the rapid growth the company has experienced, Trott said the $12 billion market that Quantum is in has plenty of room for opportunity.

So far, there’s been just 6% penetration of that market, and Quantum has half of that.

Trott said when she started the business, she had to prove that the concept of reducing costs and improving the health care experience can work across different industries and different employers, and that it can be sustained over years.

“It’s not enough to be a little bit better. It’s not good enough to be nice,” she said. “We actually have to produce results, and they have to be exponentially better.”





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