Reusable coffee cups are back, says Starbucks

Reusable coffee cups are back, says Starbucks

Company says that following ‘rigorous testing’ it is satisfied it can safely re-introduce reusable cup service across its EMEA branches as coronavirus lockdowns ease

Starbucks has confirmed it will accept reusable coffee cups at its outlets across Europe, as coronavirus lockdowns ease across the continent. 

The company announced late last week that having exercised an “abundance of caution” and paused the use of reusable cups across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) as the pandemic escalated earlier this year, it was now satisfied that reusable cups can be safely reintroduced.

“As part of the careful reopening of Starbucks stores across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Starbucks held extensive trials on new and safe ways to reintroduce reusable cups,” the company said in a statement. “And now, after rigorous testing, Starbucks is excited to introduce a new procedure which allows customers to once again use their reusable cups with confidence.”

The new process is “completely contactless” and as such should drastically reduce any risk of coronavirus transmission. The new method sees a ceramic mug used to transport the reusable cup, eliminating any shared touch points between the customer and Starbucks baristas.

“Our new reusable cup procedure ensures the safety of our partners and customers, while supporting our commitment to the planet and our aspirations to become resource positive,” the company said.

The reintroduction of the service is accompanied by the continuation of Starbucks incentive schemes, the company said, which provides customers with a discount on their drink if they use a reusable cup in some participating markets. Similarly, in the UK a ‘latte levy’ scheme has successfully helped to reduce the use of single use cups and provided funding for a raft of environmental intiatives designed to boost recycling rates and capacity. 

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