Skincare tips you can swear by in 2022- The New Indian Express

Skincare tips you can swear by in 2022- The New Indian Express

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HYDERABAD: As we bid adieu to 2021, why not pledge to practise self-care and self-love in the upcoming year. What better way to care for one’s self than skincare. Check out these herbal and easy homemade skincare tips and tricks that can rejuvenate your skin and give it a new lease of life

Reduce caffeine intake

It is a known fact that caffeine dehydrates the skin, but can also be a great anti-oxidant. Consuming coffee in moderation would surely do a lot of good to your skin. If you take your coffee with dairy products and added sweeteners, you might want to think twice. It is because inorganic milk, any sweetening syrup or white sugar can cause breakouts. So when we say drink your coffee in moderation, it means that have one or two cups a day. Instead of adding milk, take your coffee black with an unsweetened non-dairy product. It is encouraged that you splurge on organic beans

Apply coffee topically

The topical application of coffee on skin can do wonders primarily because coffee is a great anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It fights with free radicals and prevents breakouts. Exfoliation with coffee is suggested as a preemptive measure to fend off aging, dark circles and blemishes. Make a coffee exfoliator with half a tablespoon of coffee grounds, one teaspoon of powdered sugar and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Use this twice a week to make your skin look clear and radiant

Use a toner

Toners are one of the most underrated products and yet one of the most essential part of a wholesome skincare regime. Toners have become indispensable in such a fast-paced lifestyle and polluted environment. They help restore the pH level and remove the residual dirt and debris from beneath the surface of the skin after cleansing. A toner is a must-have for people with oily skin or those venturing out of their homes more often. Gently massaging the toner by soaking it in a cotton ball every morning can improve your skin tone and make it look radiant. The same step needs to be repeated before going to bed. For sensitive skin, a mixture of white vinegar and water can eradicate acne-causing bacteria, detoxify skin and prevent breakouts. A lemon juice toner is recommended for oily skin as it is rich in antibacterial characteristics and skin-friendly vitamins. A lemon juice toner can also help remove dead skin cells and even out skin tone

Use a jade roller and Gua Sha

Regular facial and body massages can help stimulate the deeper layers of skin and increase blood flow. Increase in blood circulation effectively leads to circulation of oxygen which can result in promoting healthier skin. Massages are one of the natural ways of rejuvenating the skin and improving skin texture. Jade roller and Gua Sha help in draining lymph fluid which is nothing but toxin and waste, thereby fostering healthier skin. Avoid using these on regions which have acne

Use anti-acne body wash after workout

When we talk about skincare, it is not just restricted to the face. Skin issues are not confined to your face, they can appear all over your body. Working out is extremely important, but the sweat-dripping clothes can cause breakouts on your body because of the excess oil and dirt. Using an anti-acne body wash post workout will help unclog the pores and clean the deeper layers of skin. An Ayurvedic remedy is a neem body wash which can address aging, rashes, itching, blackheads and blemishes

Incorporate an eye cream

The region surrounding the eye is the most sensitive on the face and therefore application of any product or even physical pressure on it can damage the skin. Treating the under eye region with green tea-soaked cotton pads can calm inflammation and provide anti-aging effects. Applying coconut oil can also render the same results, coupled with a nourishing effect
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