Social/life: five tips for staying healthy on and offline

Social/life: five tips for staying healthy on and offline

We all know getting too little exercise and being too addicted to electronic devices can be damaging to one’s mental wellbeing, but what can we do about it? Here are five simple tips for staying healthy, both on and offline.

Clear your home screen – clear screen, clear mind 

Rather than having too much clutter, simplify your life by carefully categorising your apps into groups. Make sure you have quick access to all of the apps that you use the most, without considering which apps you should use the most.

Reduce distraction by clearing the bottom three rows of your home screen. That way, you will reduce the number of apps you see when opening your phone. This way you will no longer be tempted to spend time clicking in and out of apps that you don’t care about just to remove the red alert badges which have been designed to attract your attention. Each app on your home screen should be selected with intention, with any addictive apps specifically designed to steal your attention hidden.

No coffee after midday

It’s well known that caffeine can impact sleep quality. Even though you may not be able to feel the impact a few hours after consumption, the caffeine may still be in your body and consequently disrupt your sleep.

Everybody’s tolerance is different, but caffeine is active in your bloodstream typically for five to six hours, and you may still have some coffee left in your system for up to 24 hours after drinking it. Therefore consider a noon cut-off time. Getting good quality sleep is critical for mental and physical performance.

Walk whenever you’re on the phone

Whether you’re catching up with family or on a business call, try to get up and walk around when you are on the phone. I walked hundreds of laps of the block around my office and the streets around my home while on the phone. Our bodies are made to move. Spending hours hunched over a computer without moving could even leave you with mobility issues in the long run. In the past I have struggled with both back pain and golfer’s elbow, but moving and stretching throughout the day has solved both of these ailments. It is also an easy way to ensure you get your daily steps in.

Keep a health journal

A health journal is a great way to monitor your overall wellness and allow you to understand any issues you might have. I don’t use a special app, just a separate calendar on my phone and laptop so that I can see how it relates to other things in my schedule such as work, training, social activities. Try recording when you are unwell, in any pain, or feeling particularly tired or down. 

Swap dinner and drinks for something active

Instead of Friday after-work drinks with friends, consider doing something fun and active such as table tennis or a group gym session.

Catch-ups with friends can be spent going for a walk rather than sitting in a bar – I’ve even had business networking days in a Russian Banya! 

Switching to more mindful, social habits allows for meaningful relationships and building stronger bonds with others. If you are surrounded by like-minded people, they will be more than happy to join in. Additionally, it can have the added benefit of promoting positive wellness for your friends, family, colleagues and associates.

For more ideas check out the Minboso app on the Apple app store and in early-access on Google Play. 

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