South Indian Snack Recipe: Relish Crispy Andhra-Style Punugullu

South Indian Snack Recipe: Relish Crispy Andhra-Style Punugullu

Punugullu recipe by Chef Yogender Pal; Image credit: Gerald Anthony

Crispy snacks and masala chai or filter coffee, it’s a match made in food heaven. Snack time is always all the more scrumptious with hot and crispy treats to indulge in. If you are looking for fun new recipes to satisfy your cravings, then you need to try this South Indian-style pakora called Punugullu. Similar to vadas, Punugullu is a popular delicacy from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, which is served hot and crispy along with spicy chutneys. From being a breakfast favourite to an evening tea-time treat, Punugullu can really be enjoyed anytime.

Yogender Pal, Executive Chef, Park Hyatt Hyderabad tells us, “Punugullu is an all-time favourite snack in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is a small dumpling made out of a mixture of rice and urad dal. It is very easy and simple to make. The batter is the essence of the snack, where the ratio of rice and dal needs to be 3:1 (i.e 3 parts rice and 1 part urad dal). The ingredients are first soaked in water and then ground to make a thick batter. This is then deep-fried in oil to make the crispy treat.”

How To Make Crispy Punugullu

Chef Yogender Pal shows us an easy way to making punugullu at home. Watch the video.

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South Indian Snack Recipe: Punugullu


Washed urad dal 100gm

Rice 300gm

Chopped onions 1

Chopped green chillies 2

Cumin seeds 5gm

Fresh coriander leaves 20gm

Curry leaves 8 pieces

Salt as per preference

Refined oil, adequate amount to fry


Punugullu recipe; Image credit: Gerald Anthony


  • Soak the rice and lentils together for one hour. Grind to a smooth paste to make a thick batter.

  • Mix the chopped onions, green chillies, cumin seeds, fresh coriander, shredded curry leaves and salt.

  • Heat oil and when the oil has been heated, drop the rice and lentil batter into it in the form of small dumplings.

  • Fry till golden brown and then serve hot with tomato chutney and ginger tea.

Try this popular South Indian recipe and enjoy snack time with your family.

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