Spiritfarer – Cooking & Food Giving Guide

Spiritfarer – Cooking & Food Giving Guide

Spiritfarer launched suddenly on Nintendo’s Indie World. It’s a gorgeous indie adventure game where you manage a boat of adorable animals. Yes, the boat is on the way to the afterlife and all the animals are technically spirits. But it’s still very cute and so much fun. Now just progressing through the game will direct you to build a few buildings on your boat, one being the kitchen.

A hungry crew is as an angry crew so you’ll be using this room to whip up some tasty meals for everyone on board. Cooking is quite simple. Get inside the kitchen and interact with the oven. You’ll have two choices: ‘Cook’ and ‘Recipes’. As you cook ingredients, you’ll learn new dishes, which will then be recorded in recipes. Simple.

Now, where it gets more complicated is when we’re handling the crew members. Each of them except for Atul have certain tastes. For example, Summer rejects any dish that includes Meat, and Gwen will be happier if you were to give her a Comfort or Fine Dining dish. This Spiritfarer Food Giving Guide will tell you exactly that, breaking down the likes of each of your friends and the spirits you encounter so you can maximize your food usage with your friends.



Favourite Food – Black Coffee (Coffee Beans). Purchase coffee bean seeds and plant them, then cook the beans.


– Comfort Food: Popcorn is the easiest and cheapest.

– Fine Dining: Cook a shrimp to make Shrimp Cocktail.

Dislikes – Anything with shellfish (mollusks not shrimp), Fruit


Favourite Food – Pork Chops (Pork). You’ll learn this recipe as part of a quest, but you can’t finish it until you get to Furogawa and purchase Pork from the shop there.

Likes – Everything

Dislikes – Nothing. Feed him whatever you’ve got on hand, and he’ll be happy.


Favourite Food – Grain Salad (Grain And Veggie Or Mushroom)


– Desserts: Poached Fruit is the easiest since you can just cook berries to obtain it.

– Salads: Egg and vegetable make Egg Salad, while Mushroom and Veggie make Mushroom Salad.

Dislikes – Anything with meat or animal products. She a vegan.


Favourite Food – Noodle Soup (Rice Flour). Just cook rice flour. You won’t get this for a while, since it requires the Windmill.

Likes – Plain Food, Soups. Grilled Fish and Plain Rice are the easiest, with ingredients in abundance.

Dislikes – Sugary Food, Fine Dining Food


Favourite Food – Veggie-pot pie (Flour + Veggie/Mushroom). You won’t get this for a while, since it requires the Windmill.


– Old-Fashioned Food: Shellfish Stew is the easiest; just cook one of the shellfish you can find on the side of the ship.

– Desserts: Like with Summer, Poached Fruit is the easiest and earliest dessert you can offer Alice.

Dislikes – Acquired Taste, Stimulants, Exotic


Favourite Food – French Fries (Potato And Fat). You won’t get either of these for a while, so stick to liked foods until you’ve got the Crusher to make fat.


– Breakfast Food: Egg Sunny Side Up (just cook an egg) or Cereal Bowl (grain + dairy) fit the bill here.

– Desserts: Poached Fruit (just cook a piece of fruit or a berry) is the easiest

Dislikes – Veggies, Stimulants, Uncooked Fruit


Favourite Food – Beef Fondue (Beef And Fat). You’ll find Beef available for purchase later on in the game, so depending on how you progress, you’ll want to focus on likes for Giovanni too.


– Fine Dining: You’ll have access to more choices by the time you find Giovanni, so things like Squid Skewer (cook a Squid) and Bouillabaisse (Fish + Vegetable or Mushroom) are options.

– Stimulants — Tea and Coffee.

Dislikes – Anything with eggs, Carbs


Favourite Food – Surströmming: catch a herring, and put it in the Cellar. The Cellar is part of the final ship features upgrade, so it’s out of reach for a little while.


– Exotic Food: Plenty to choose from here, but Fish Curry (Fish + Rice or other Grain) and Paella (Shellfish + Rice or other Grain) are the easiest by far.

– Acquired Taste: Steamed Shellfish can be your go-to food here. Just cook one of the hangers-on you find on the side of the ship.

Dislikes – Anything fried, Sugary food, Fruit

Bruce & Mickey

Favourite Food – Garlic Bread (Wheat Flour And Garlic). You may get lucky and find Garlic in a crate, but you can buy it from a shop later after you clear the mist barrier.

Likes – Pub food. Anything fried.

Dislikes – One ingredient food, Allergic to crustacean


Favourite Food – Tomato Pizza (Wheat Flour And Tomato)


– Comfort food: Popcorn works here if you want to make things simple.

– Old-fashioned food: Shellfish Stew is the easiest; just cook one of the shellfish you can find on the side of the ship.

Dislikes – Lactose intolerant (Dairy), Fruit


Favourite Food – Green Salad (Leaf Veggie/Lettuce And Fat). Getting these won’t be any problem by the time Elena joins your party.

Likes – Plain food, Healthy food

Dislikes – Fine-dining food, Meat, Fried food


Full Recipe List

Recipe Ingredients Dish Type
Grilled Fish Fish/Cepahlod PLAIN
Bouillabaisse Fish + Veggie/Mushroom FINE DINING, SOUP
Fish Curry Fish + Grain EXOTIC
Fish Sticks Fish + Fat  
Tuna Tataki Tuna + Savoury Veggie EXOTIC
Maple Salmon King/Sockeye/Blue Salmon + Maple Syrup  
Steamed Shellfish Shellfish ACQUIRED TASTE
Shellfish Stew Shellfish + Veggie/Mushroom OLD FASHIONED
Paella Shellfish + Grain EXOTIC
Fried Surf Shellfish + Fat  
Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp FINE DINING
Shrimp Tempura Shrimp + Flour  
Bisque Crustacean + Veggie/Mushroom
Surf and Turf Crustacean + Beef PUB
Southern Boil Crustacean + Grain EXOTIC
Fried Crawfish Crustacean + Fat
Clam Chowder Clam/Hard-Shell Clam + Dairy  
Clam Cake Clam + Flour
Heat Treated Crab Snow Crab FINE DINING
Crab Cake Snow Crab + Flour  
Lobster Germinal Lobster FINE DINING
Lobster Roll Lobster + Flour FINE DINING
Fisherman’s Pie Seafood + Flour  
Squid Skewer Squid FINE DINING
Calamari Rings Squid + Flour  
Grilled Octopus Octopus
Grilled Steak Beef
Beef Fondue Beef + Fat
Grilled Chicken Chicken
Fried Chicken Chicken + Fat COMFORT
Pork Chops Pork COMFORT
Sauerkraut Meal Pork + Sauerkraut  
Corndog Pork + Corn Flour PUB
Schnitzel Pork + Fat  
Casserole Meat + Grain COMFORT
Meat Pie Meat + Flour OLD FASHIONED
Meat Stew Meat + Veggie/Mushroom OLD FASHIONED
Questionable Meal Lettuce  
Grilled Veggie Savoury/Root Veggie HEALTHY
Veggie-pot pie Flour + Veggie/Mushroom
Vegetable Stir Fry Fat + Veggie/Mushroom  
Green Salad Leaf Veggie + Fat  
Grain Salad Grain + Veggie/Mushroom SALAD
Mushroom Salad Mushroom + Veggie SALAD
Fried Mushrooms Mushroom + Fat  
Popcorn Corn COMFORT
French Fries Potato + Fat PUB
Grilled Mushrooms Mushroom HEALTHY
Onion Rings Onion + Flour  
Eggs Sunny Side Up Egg  
Egg Salad Egg + Veggie/Mushroom  
Scrambled Eggs Egg + Dairy
Crème Brulee Egg + Sweetener DESSERT
Frittata Egg + Fat
Pancakes Egg + Flour  
Bacon and Eggs Egg + Pork BREAKFAST
Omelette Egg + Cheese  
Cheese Sticks Cheese + Flour  
Plain Rice Rice  
Rice Pudding Rice + Dairy BREAKFAST
Fried Rice Rice + Fat  
Noodle Soup Rice Flour  
Wonton Soup Rice Flour + Meat EXOTIC
Bread Wheat/Corn Flour PLAIN
Corn Bread Corn Flour + Fat
Crepes Wheat Flour + Milk/Cream
Garlic Bread Wheat Flour + Garlic
Tomato Pizza Wheat Flour + Tomato
Focaccia Flour + Fat  
Cake Flour + Sweetener  
Hot Milk Dairy  
Cereal Bowl Grain + Dairy BREAKFAST
Mock Gruel Sawdust + Dairy AQCUIRED TASTE
Muesli Berry + Yoghurt BREAKFAST
Sweet Yoghurt Yoghurt + Sweetener  
Toffee Dairy + Sweetener DESSERT
Candy Sweetener  
Cheese Fondue Cheese  
Poached Fruit Fruit DESSERT
Fruit Candy Fruit + Sweetener  
Apple Pie Apple + Flour DESSERT
Berry Pie Berry + Flour DESSERT
Pear Tartlet Pear + Flour
Cherry Pie Cherry + Flour
Peach Cobbler Peach + Flour
Black Coffee Coffee Beans STIMULANT
Latte Coffee Beans + Dairy STIMULANT
Sweet Coffee Coffee Beans + Sweetener
Cup of Tea Tea STIMULANT
English Tea Tea + Dairy
Sweet Tea Tea + Sweetener STIMULANT
Coal Wood/Sawdust
Homemade Paper Sawdust + Household Glue


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