Sunday 30 May 2021 – The Monocle Minute

Sunday 30 May 2021 – The Monocle Minute


Dates of play

Today we’re going to do a bit of planning, so fix yourself another coffee, find a pencil and eraser, pull out your diary and let’s get a couple of dates in the diary because Monocle is very much back out on the road.

First stop is Antwerp, bright and early Tuesday morning. I’ve not been for about two years (could be more?) so I’m looking forward to a little walk around the city, a couple of meetings with some Flemish businesses and organisations, a round of shopping at Morrison (home to the very, very good Belgian label Howlin’) and then from 18.00 on we’ll be at Copyright for a book signing. The focus will be on the new Monocle Book of Homes but as pens will be at the ready we’ll be happy to scribble on back issues, our Italy book or pretty much anything else that requires a signature. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Channel, Midori House will also be throwing open the gate for three nights of talks – from Tuesday evening to Thursday. Editor in chief Andrew Tuck and senior editor Nolan Giles will be on hand in London to offer decorating tips and architectural guidance. If you want sound advice, please ensure you speak to them before the second round of negronis appear.

On Wednesday it’s off to Copenhagen to see what’s happening in the Danish capital, to do a bit of research around our forthcoming book on the Nordics (due out in time for Christmas), and lay the groundwork for a national survey of Denmark. On Thursday evening we’ll be heading up the coast to Hellerup to catch-up with our Danish readers, enjoy a few drinks and do a little talk and signing session at Books & Company.

On Friday it’s back down to Zürich to prepare for the summer 2021 edition of our Badi Market. If you’re not familiar with the concept, we take over our stretch of pavement in front of our HQ in Seefeld and bring together our favourite makers and mixers for a little street fair to mark the start of the swimming season. DJ Pitsch is going to be taking care of the mixing bit, alongside a debut for the Hamburg-based drinks brand Companion and around 12 other vendors offering the best in ceramics, greenery, undies, bags, bikes and more. If you fancy a little weekend in Zürich, a whole Monocle contingent will be on hand hosting radio segments, jotting down story tips and making introductions. Next Saturday will also mark the debut of our new rosé, Hibou Heureux (“happy owl”, get it?), that we’ve developed with our wine correspondent Chandra Kurt and a small producer in Switzerland’s Valais – if you’d like to secure a case, drop a note to

Sunday it’s on to Lisbon for a long overdue check-in with our Portuguese subscribers and a little afternoon cocktail at Livraria da Travessa. All of Monocle’s senior crew will be on hand as Lisbon also happens to be the only place that the London and Zürich editorial teams can come together for a meeting without having to go through the rigamarole of some sort of quarantine. One day we’ll find out how Portugal managed to be the only European holiday destination to make it onto the UK’s early summer green list. In the meantime, we’re very happy that there are some zones of sanity that allow for reasonably friction-free travel.

Looking a bit further ahead, 6-10 October should be blocked on the calendar as next we’ll be announcing the city for this year’s Quality of Life Conference. Yes dear reader, our summit devoted to consumer and social affairs, urbanism and infrastructure, is going to be dipping its toe in the Med for the first time and we think the first week of October will be the perfect time to round off the summer and look ahead to 2022 with a sharp line-up of mayors, architects, CEOs and other clever characters. If you’d like further information on any of these events please drop Hannah Grundy a note at All other special requests can be sent to me at Have a good week; I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

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