The search for the perfect bagel

The search for the perfect bagel

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Marshall Goldman doesn’t shy from the title of ‘bagel snob’.

”My wife will be the first one to tell you, ever since we met, I was a big bagel snob as they say,” said Marshall Goldman, the founder and owner of Goldman Bagels.

Goldman says it’s easy to tell when a bagel is done the traditional way.

”A really really well-done bagel you can just tear off and eat it’s like a donut or whatever,” said Goldman.

Marshall having taken trips to Boston and New York, where well-done bagels are at every turn, returned to Knoxville hoping to find the perfect crunch, and gooey inside here in East Tennessee.

”There was a bagel place in Oak Ridge that did em right but they closed in March,“ said Goldman.

He doesn’t just fill his days with bagels, Goldman’s day job has him working full-time at the University of Tennessee Aquatics Center.

When COVID forced him to go home and work remotely for the majority of his days, he decided it was the perfect moment for him to dive into making bagels himself.

“What they’re missing is when you, every bagelry has its own boiling mixture, you know New York is famous for malt in their mixture. Montreal is famous for honey, some people mix the two. Some put baking soda in to adjust the PH and some other things and so it gives it a whole different feel and so as people have gone for more efficiency and the more traditional style it’s a lot easier and a lot less time consuming to put it in a bagel former and slide it down and have the bagel former form it and then stick it in an oven and hit steam and go from there,” said Goldman showing his deep knowledge of Bagels.

But doing things the easy way isn’t the recipe Goldman was determined to follow.

Starting in his home kitchen, the father of two started cooking for family gatherings and from there it grew.

“I decided ‘you know what I’m just going to make my own,’” said Goldman. And so I started doing some research, talked to some people that I knew from New York that had experience with bagel shops and kind of developed the recipes from there. I kind of developed the form from there from watching online and doing other ways and I just started making them. At first, I was just making them for my family, bringing them to family gatherings, and then about the beginning of the summer last year, people started calling me asking me to teach them. So I started teaching some lessons in my house like teaching people how to make them and then by about the fall I was making about three or four dozen a week for different people. Family, friends, and my buddy that owns century harvest farms.”

Moving to Century Harvest Farms moved this hobby, into a full-time job. Goldman started turning out dozens, and dozens of bagels, and there started Goldman Bagels that exists today.

To order Goldman Bagels click here.

To find them in a store, Golden Roast Coffee carries Goldman Bagels at both their Sunderland Ave. and UT Campus locations.

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