The six best places to get your coffee fix in Ottawa

Coffee doesn’t need a sales pitch, and neither do most coffee shops. That said, it makes a big difference where you get your coffee. You can’t expect mass-produced dirt water to be as good as a quality cup of java from your local neighbourhood cafe. 

We all know the big names: Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup. But if you’re in the mood for something of quality, then why not try one of these great places? 

Manhattan’s Coffee Co.

200 Laurier Avenue W 

This coffee shop is a must-try! Locally owned, friendly vibe, a great selection of coffee and tea as well as great snacks to enjoy while you study! What more could you possibly want from a local cafe? 

If you’re downtown, there’s no better place to sit down for a while, strike up a conversation, and enjoy high-quality cafe fares.

Happy Goat Coffee Co.

Multiple locations across Ottawa

No doubt you’ve heard of this rustic joint. Between boasting a great coffee selection and excellent seating, Happy Goat should be on your top list of places to study or relax. As an added bonus, this shop also serves up Maverick donuts, which are known to be some of the best in the city!

Little Victories Coffee Roasters

801 Bank Street 

Do you like Suzy Q’s donuts, but don’t want to wait in a 30-minute line? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then come on over to this modern and stylish coffee shop! 

The coffee is carefully made by the skilled baristas, but more importantly, there is a wide selection of great pastries to enjoy alongside your drink.

The Ministry of Coffee

274 Elgin Street 

Lots of coffee shops suffer from limited spacebut with multiple couches and a huge dining space, this is certainly not a problem for the Ministry. 

While the food isn’t the main attraction here, the shop is certainly worth visiting for the carefully crafted specialty drinks. This goes doubly so if you need a few quiet hours to study. 

Haven Books and Cafe

43 Seneca Street 

If you’re alright with supporting a CUSA-owned business, Haven is actually an excellent place to sit down and have coffee. This shop is only busy a few times a year, mostly around the beginning and end of a semester. It’s not unusual to find this cafe empty—and being so close to campus, that’s a good argument for having your study session here.

The Art House Cafe

555 Somerset Street W 

Come for the coffee, stay for the pastries and the vibe. Located across from Dundonald Park, this cafe boasts a wonderful view and atmosphere. And if you’re done studying, you can also enjoy some drinks of a more alcoholic nature. Overall, a pretty classic and simple coffee shop that’s great for the more casual experience.

Coffee is an art and a science. If you’re going to spend some time sitting down and having a drink, why not take some effort to make sure it’s the best you can get? Any of these places come with the stamp of excellenceso grab your books, buy yourself a drink, and take it easy at any one of these great Ottawa cafes!

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