The WFH Diaries – Bianca Villareal of Vamp

The WFH Diaries – Bianca Villareal of Vamp

Bianca Villareal.

AdNews last year launched the WFH Diaries during the depths of the fallout from the pandemic, a way of sharing how people managed their days.

This time, with lockdown running again, we’re asking for a run down on how everyone likes to start their day working from home. Some dress to impress, others slip on the t-shirt. And everyone has their own way to carve the day into manageable chunks.

Bianca Villareal Employee Experience Manager, Vamp.

How do you deal with the silence?

I create NOISE! While I do value a little silence when I am deep diving into a strategic project, I am all about creating a vibe in the workplace AND at home.  Spotify is my very best friend and my playlist depends on the mood I want to manifest. 

As an Employee Experience Manager, I always want to feel connected to my team so I also make lots of time for virtual coffee dates and VEERS (thats online Vamp Cheers to celebrate wins!). We even have an online workout crew who meets at lunchtimes to sweat it out. I am definitely all about connection and the noise, so theres little time for silence!

The good of working from home?

One thing I truly love about WFH is that it forces you to make your mental health a priority. Although COVID has been incredibly stressful at times, that focus has been really positive. My usual train ride to work has been replaced by a morning beach walk, which is a form of meditation for me. I sit outdoors and enjoy my morning coffee, rather than downing it while rushing to work. 

Sometimes I even go as far as spraying a morning mist while reading an affirmation. Can you imagine the questions that would have come my way if Id have done this in the office!? WFH provides more time to add self care to your routine. Is there anything more important than that? 

 The bad?

I am a hype girl by heart so I miss people and the vibes they naturally create. The days when I would sporadically hand out ice creams, or everyone would join in singing along to an absolute banger. This is why I truly believe that being able to both WFH and in an office is the perfect solution. 

It makes my role more challenging too, since its harder to track how people are feeling from home. But we are currently experimenting with different strategies and its my goal to maintain a work culture as strong as the one we created in the office.

Tips for making WFH work?

I have four tips for making WFH work:

A). Be your own mental health advocate. Breathe, take breaks, take time to exercise or meditate and connect to others if you desire. Just like any flight crew says put your own oxygen on before helping others. You are in charge of looking after you, so be accountable for your own health and happiness.

B). Your environment is key! Work in a mess, feel like a mess. Ensure your working environment supports you doing your best work – clean desk, stationary, art, quotes, whiteboard, morning spritz (calm down about the spritz Bianca) anything that helps bring the best out of you.

C). Dont be afraid to hype yourself up. Give yourself a pep talk, read an affirmation and blast that song that makes you believe you can do anything. Dont always think you need others to do so. You are way stronger than you think.

D). All about balance. Especially for those that are new to WFH, this is an experiment and you are in charge of finding out what works best for you. Yes, I like to work in one specific room to separate work from home life but on the odd day, if you need a different scenery and vibe, you do you boo. Check in with yourself, identify your needs and implement solutions constantly.

I am looking forward to getting back to the office because

I miss my Vampers. I miss fist pumps, kitchen chats, an in person brainstorm, leaving surprises on colleagues desk, team lunches, yelling good morning and in person celebrations. 

I am not against working from home, in fact, it makes these in person moments even more special. I am just looking forward to having both working style options to make the best of both worlds. For now, Ill just turn the music up and get those good vibes flowing from home!

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