Tips for a pet safe apartment | Culture

Tips for a pet safe apartment | Culture

Seeing your pet in pain for any reason is the worst feeling in the world. This is why it’s important to pet-proof your apartment.

Here are some tips for a pet safe apartment so that every day can be a “Bones Day” for your furry friend.

Don’t leave food out.

This one might seem obvious but it’s huge. Make sure you store food, especially food that can be dangerous for animals, high up in your kitchen. Some foods that can be dangerous for pets include chocolate, grapes, garlic, coffee grounds etc. If you have the type of pet that regularly gets into things, consider buying child safety locks for your cabinets.

Store trash in a kitchen cabinet.

Some pets love to dig through your trash. Depending on the contents of your trash, this can be dangerous for many reasons. Storing trash in a cabinet and even putting a child lock on the cabinet can prevent your pet from getting into harmful trash.

Do your research with houseplants.

Houseplants may look beautiful in your home but can be toxic for your pets. Some common houseplants to steer clear of if you have a pet include Aloe Vera, Jade, Devil’s Ivy and more. To find out if your plant is safe to keep around your pet refer to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants List.

Store electrical cords safely.

Some pets like to chew on electrical cords. To keep this from happening hide the cords behind furniture, buy a rubber cord protector or spray a safe taste deterrent to keep your pet from chewing on the cords.

Avoiding leaving anything out that your pet could get tangled in.

Put leashes and stringed cat toys away. If you’re leaving home, you may want to take your pets collar off so they can’t get stuck to anything and choke while you’re away.

Make sure you have a crate.

Crates are not just a punishment for when your pet has done something wrong. When introduced properly, your pets crate is a place where they can feel safe, and a place you can keep your pet when needed. Whether you’re having a visit from maintenance or bringing in groceries, a crate is useful in making sure your pet is secure when you can’t be watching them.

Use Pet-safe cleaning products

Many common household cleaning products can be toxic for your pets. Take the time to check if your floor cleaners are pet-friendly. Additionally, if your pet has an accident, clean it up with a pet-safe product like Nature’s Miracles.

Beware of clutter.

Pills, Coins, Batteries, etc, can all be really dangerous for your pets. If you keep gum or candy in your bags, store them out of your pets’ reach.

Have a pet safety conversation with your roommates.

Some pets are escape artists. If you have a roommate, talk to them about being careful when opening the door so that your pet doesn’t run out. Additionally, make sure your roommates are on board with the other measures you’ve taken to keep your pet safe.

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