Coffee is delicious. Whether it’s hot or cold, black or with cream, plain or with sugar. It’s one of those drinks that pretty much goes with everything, except perhaps honey. Coffee is not only a comfort drink, like tea, it’s an actual necessity to millions of people who find themselves unable to start their day without first taking a sip of their precious brewed drink.

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In the history of television, many characters have shown an almost obsessive taste for coffee, one they sometimes take to the next level. These caffeine fiends need coffee to function, and while it might not be entirely healthy for them, it’s a character trait that makes them all the more entertaining.

10 Manny Delgado, Modern Family

Manny is like a small adult trapped in a child’s body. He’s also a coffee connoisseur. Despite being quite young, and despite his family’s complaints about the matter, Manny enjoys and appreciates the brewed drink like few others do. He is constantly seen with an espresso cup, though he has a clear fondness for black coffee.

The fact that Manny is already hooked on caffeine means that his addiction will only increase as he grows older. One day, he might even find himself at the top of this list!

9 Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl

In the book series, Dan enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee and chain-smoking cigarettes. And while the latter didn’t make its way to The CW’s television adaptation, the former did. It’s never explicitly said out loud, but more often than not, Dan is shown drinking coffee.

He usually does it when writing, though he can also be found walking down the busy NYC streets with a coffee cup in hand. While his addiction is nowhere near as heavy as it is in the book, it’s still enough to grant him a spot on this list.

8 Philip J. Fry, Futurama

On an unforgettable episode of Fox’s comedy Futurama, Fry decides to buy 100 cups of coffee. As his binge continues, he overdoses on caffeine and acquires all the worst traits of a coffee addict. He becomes short-tempered, shaky, and almost paranoid.

When he finally reaches the hundredth cup, he enters a state of hyperactivity that allows him to move faster than everyone else. He saves everyone from a fire inadvertently started by one of Bender’s cigars. No one knows it was Fry who saved them, though, believing instead it was an orange blur,” His addiction lasts for one episode, but managing to drink 100 cups of coffee is no small feat.

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