Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Shops in El Paso, Texas | Restaurant Review

Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Shops in El Paso, Texas | Restaurant Review

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Many people drive across New Mexico and Texas, going through El Paso. But not many people stop long enough to discover that El Paso is a bi-national, multi-cultural city of surprises. The coffee shops in El Paso are good choices; each has its own distinct charms, but one thing they all have in common is superb service and pride in using the best coffee beans.

5. Savage Goods

Savage Goods is a family-owned local café in El Paso. Savage Products is a comfortable gathering place with terrific food and even better people, serving fresh-made, artisan food and baked goods and locally-roasted coffee. Their flagship coffee, the medium-bodied Savage Blend, was created in conjunction with Picacho Coffee and includes notes of caramel as the basis, floral and spice suggestions in the scent, and a delightful finish of almond and cherry.

4. Coffee Box

Coffee Box sells roasted coffee from all around the world. One of El Paso’s greatest local chefs prepares their pastries every morning, and they pair nicely with any of their cocktails. Their espresso is fantastic, and you can also sample their fantastic tea, which comes in a variety of flavors.

3. Global Coffee Roasters

Customers’ experiences are prioritized at Global Coffee. They specialize in espresso drinks, pour-over, as well as a terrific signature coffee drink! Their Guatemala coffee has a rich chocolate flavor with a tinge of sweetness. For those who love a robust and smooth coffee, they roast this coffee darker than usual.

2. 2Ten Coffee Roasters (Cafe & Patio Bar)

The goal of their quest for exceptional coffee is for you to understand the exciting journey and careful process that coffee goes through before it reaches your cup. 2Ten prepares with a purpose and enthusiasm, from planting to picking from a variety of countries and roasting with meticulous care and precision. The Ethiopia Guji Kercha is amazing, with the correct balance of luscious raspberry jam on raisin toast and red wine-like acidity on the aftertaste.

1. Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea

Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea takes pleasure in their work and is eager to serve everyone who walks through their doors. They seek to create a pleasant atmosphere that stimulates cooperation, inspires innovation, and creates community. They have delicious cafe mochas, signature frappes, cold brew, vanilla iced lattes, boba tea, and other beverages.

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