Top energy tips from Evergreen

Top energy tips from Evergreen

Rise and shine

We should ideally wake in the morning feeling well rested after a good quality sleep. It is important to start your day by refuelling your body – it likely has been up to 12 hours since your last square meal. Porridge is an old reliable, but oats don’t agree with everyone; consider an alternate grain such as Evergreen millet flakes, or have pre-made energy balls if you find yourself in a rush most mornings. Linwood’s offers a range of milled goodness that can be added to anything at breakfast time. Grabbing that hot cup of coffee is very tempting, maybe consider swapping this out for a cup of Koyu matcha tea, which provides a caffeine boost but alongside multiple other health benefits and is excellent at promoting focus.

Daily meals

Think of your body as a car with a small fuel tank, needing lots of top ups throughout the day to keep the engine running. Having that pre-lunch snack is important, as is lunch and something before dinner. We have come to view snacking as a ‘bad’ habit, when actually it is important to have calories available for your body to burn, just aim for these to come from healthier foods than the typical chocolate bar or crisps that we often end up turning to. Again, preparation is vital for this. You can avoid those little slumps by keeping some Evergreen plain nut mixes nearby, or having a piece or two of Vivani’s dark chocolate with some fruit.

Land of nod

The best way to fight fatigue is with good quality sleep. You want to have a consistent sleeping and waking routine timewise, and to avoid your phone or laptop before bed, so that the lights are not accidentally telling your body to stay awake. Problems with sleep are incredibly common; if you would like to try a supplement to assist sleep, Melissa Dream is one of Evergreen’s most popular. It covers all bases – magnesium to promote relaxation, B vitamins for nervous system support, and theanine to help ease any runaway thoughts or stresses. And once you have drifted off… soon it will be time to start it all again!

For more information on how you can fight fatigue, visit in store or access online health advice at [email protected].

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