Weird Drinks Only Michael Scott Would Enjoy

Weird Drinks Only Michael Scott Would Enjoy

Michael Scott is one of The Office’s most unique characters and that extends to his taste in drinks. Here are some strange beverages he enjoys.

Michael Scott is one of The Office’s most unique characters due to his complexity. On the surface, Michael is goofy and naive but once viewers get to know Michael, it’s clear something else is brewing within. There’s a reason why Michael has been a regional manager for over a decade and that his branch is one of the most successful in the company.

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Aside from his business life, Michael’s personal quirks are just as fascinating. Due to his self-proclaimed “soft teeth,” he dips his steak in wine, eats family-sized chicken pot pies, and plays with mayonnaise and black olives. As odd as his eating habits are, his beverage choices are just as strange.

7 The “One Of Everything”

one of everything - michael scott - the office

In season five’s “Moroccan Christmas,” Michael tries to get the party started by acting as the bartender. While talking to Meredith, he gives her what he calls “one of everything.”

It contained equal parts of every major liquor, triple sec (a bar syrup), and even more sugar with two packs of Splenda. As disgusting as this sounds, Meredith tossed the drink back and fell in love with it. Michael looked so proud. It makes you wonder where else he made this drink.

6 Scotch & Splenda

michael scott drinking scotch and splenda

There were two occasions where Michael told the world that he preferred his scotch with a packet of Splenda. In the episode “Cocktails,” Michael and Jan attended a cocktail party at David Wallace’s house. In one scene, David had a small group of colleagues in his office drinking 20-year-old scotch.

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But as Michael took a sip, he began coughing uncontrollably before asking for a packet of Splenda to make it go down easier. In another episode, Michael quit Dunder Mifflin and gave his two-week notice. With nothing to do, he walked around the office sipping scotch and Splenda because it “tastes like Splenda, gets you drunk like scotch.”

5 Milk & Sugar

michael scotts milk and sugar - the office

One of The Office’s funniest moments was when Michael picked up Pam and Ryan in The Michael Scott Paper Company’s van. It was an early morning for the group and Pam was struggling. She asked Michael if he happened to have any coffee in the car, and he passed her a thermal cup and said “milk and sugar.”

Pam excitedly took a sip of the beverage expecting hot coffee with milk and sugar in it but instead, the cup literally had milk and sugar — no coffee. He told her that he drank it every morning, which doesn’t quite explain everyone saying he always had coffee breath… Perhaps he switched to milk and sugar sans coffee after people made him feel bad about it.

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