Women’s History Month: Torch Staff Editorial |

Women’s History Month: Torch Staff Editorial |

For a newspaper that’s made up of a staff who are predominantly female identifying, it only makes sense to have a staff editorial in honor of Women’s History Month.

In order to recognize the specific achievements women have made over the course of American history, since 1987, March has been used to honor and remember important female contributions.

At Valpo alone, we have seen many trailblazers and impressionable women impact just our lives here at The Torch. In honor of Women’s History Month, the women of The Torch office would like to dedicate our article to the women of Valpo who have made not only an impact on our lives but perhaps our hearts as well. 

Here are 10, or so, women who have left a mark on us, in no particular order.


Debbie Bordelon 

Last semester, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would go to Grinders and get a strawberry refresher. Debbie, the lead staff at Grinders, was always there. Whether she was working or sitting down on break, she was always friendly to me. Despite the madness and rush during the ten minute free periods, Debbie always had a smile on her face. Going to Grinders during a break in class was the highlight of my day because of Debbie. For these reasons, Debbie deserves to be honored for Women’s History Month. Her excitement for her job makes me hopeful and happy to go into the workforce. It is encouraging to see someone who has been working for more than 20 years still enjoy the work they are doing. Debbie, thank you for everything that you do. 

Natalie Muskin-Press

To the six people on our staff involved with Fraternity and Sorority Life, it should come to no surprise that Natalie Muskin-Press is seen as a genuine role model for us. Not only is Natalie fun with a big heart, but she’s a well rounded human who is educated and helpful. Natalie is a big advocate for FSL but an even bigger advocate for safety in relationships and an educator in alcohol and substance abuse. She constantly reminds members of the community how to be safe and what dangers to stay away from. She’s a loving mom of two and role model to many looking to have a voice in the world.

Our women writers

While this article is being written by our staff, there are a couple more women who play a big role in the makeup of The Torch; our writers and designers. We have an abundance of talented female writers, some who have just started out and some who have been here for a couple of years. We want to thank all of you for your incredible work whether it be cheerful advice columns, coverage of the presidential search or just incredibly written movie and music reviews. The Torch is proud to have you all as a part of our team so a special thank you to Ashley Winiewicz, Taylor Extin, Faith Smith, Demi Marshall, Clare McIntosh, Jessica Burns, Kristine Hayden, Danielle Durak, Anna Mason, Liz Palmer, Tasha Abraham, Megan Galbreath, Ashlee Pendleton Alanna Pelz, Natalie Dowdy, Ryann Lutz and Dana Rafferty. Without you, there would be no journalism.

Annika Brown

As Student Senate President, Brown has served as a role model for female leadership for us. Under her leadership, the Senate has made significant changes to the budgeting system and worked on becoming more transparent to the student body. Brown also oversaw the addition of new Senate committees, such as dining services and food access, to better serve the campus community she oversees. The forums and surveys she encouraged have given students the chance to voice their opinions about matters the senate is working on. Brown has also always been willing to help out the Torch with interviews for articles when asked. Her compassion for the community and hard work has made her a great leader and member of the campus community. 

Colleen Seguin

Not only is Professor Seguin an outstanding professor, she is also currently the Department Chair of the History Department. In a typically, male-dominated field Professor Seguin leads her classes with poise, kindness, and humor. She encourages students both in and outside the classroom, making sure to comment on any accomplishment a student may have. Professor Seguin was the first female history professor/teacher I ever had and it is refreshing to have such a confident, caring person to help guide the history students.    

Allison Schuette 

One of the staples of the English department, Allison Schuette is an all time favorite professor, loved by many. Her classes are consistently the most interesting, well-thought-out courses offered at Valpo, and she always seeks to push her students to provide their best work. Schuette’s thoughtfulness and field expertise allow her students to feel comfortable in branching out and trying new things. This year, senior creative writing students were lucky enough to have her leading their senior seminar in the Fall semester, and her passion led most of her students to continue on with their senior projects into the Spring semester as an independent study. She is also the co-Director of the Welcome Project, a movement that through audio and visual means seeks to encourage curiosity in personal differences and strengthen human connections. 

Nicole Moy

For those non communication students and those who aren’t involved in Valpo Media, Nicole serves as the Administrative Assistant in the communication building. Even if she doesn’t know you, she makes it a priority to stop and tell you hello, sometimes offering out cookies or donuts. Her sweet soul is just another piece of the communication puzzle that allows many of the Valpo Media organizations to function properly. If there’s a problem, Nicole is on it. If you need coffee, Nicole has it. Nicole is not only a staple to the way our building functions, but she is a mother, a student in the social work department and an overall friend to our staff.

Dr. Amy Atchison

Political science is typically a male-dominated field throughout academia and Valpo is no different. However, Dr. Atchison has published several articles as well as multiple books surrounding various political science topics including gender and politics. As this is women’s history month, a woman who focuses much of her research on gender and politics must be included in this list. As a professor, Dr. Atchison is not only passionate about the subject matter but also about her students. Outside the classroom, Dr. Atchison is an active humanitarian with the American Red Cross of Indiana. Dr. Atchison is a woman with spunk and sophistication who serves as an inspiration to many. 

Sara Danger

Professor Sara Danger is chair of the English department and is currently teaching classes in children’s literature as well as a Christ College class on the interpretation of word and images. Her research involves Victorian visual culture, women’s writing, and on children and child writers in the nineteenth century. As a professor, Danger enters each class with enthusiasm to work through the pressing questions of literature. Professor Danger supports and encourages all of her students to do their best work, and has met the recent move to online classes with an admirable sense of determination. 

Nina Corazzo

Nina Corazzo teaches courses in art history, and always has a story to tell from her travels. Corazzo is passionate about her studies, making her classes engaging and worthwhile for students from any major. Eager to interact with students, Professor Corazzo has a bright demeanor and is always wonderful to speak with. 

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