10 tips for stunning vignettes

10 tips for stunning vignettes

The successful decoration of a space often hinges on the proper selection of the appropriate accents and accessories. Often, this is greatly influenced by not only what pieces are selected, but also how various objects are placed or grouped together. Enter the vignette.

Vignettes are groupings of objects that look harmonious and appealing when placed together and help to enhance the overall look and feel of a space. When looking to create vignettes, there are some key tips to keep in mind:

• Create a vignette upon entry. A foyer or entry vestibule is the perfect place to place an appealing and welcoming vignette that can also serve to introduce the overall style of a home.

• Look for objects that are of varying heights. This will help add interest for the eye.

• Consider using items that add a sense of contrast, such as placing black and white objects together.

• Create sets of vignettes on longer surfaces.

• Build a vignette around an inspirational or dynamic piece. In other words, select an object that may be a focal point and then choose other items that will be complementary.

• Place vignettes on larger surfaces such as consoles, sideboards and coffee tables as opposed to smaller surfaces such as side tables to avoid crowding a surface.

• Incorporate greenery whenever possible. Add blooms for more color and texture.

• Consider incorporating finishes into the colors of your vignettes such as brass or silver.

• Pair objects of similar colors together such as a vignette of mostly black objects.

• Look for ways to create a wow factor with unique or unexpected pieces.

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